12 Ways For Moms To Avoid Burn Out And Stay Inspired

12 Ways For Moms to Avoid Burnout and Stay Inspired

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Do Moms seems more tired than ever? Why do you think this is happening? Are you scared that being a mom will always be synonymous with burnout?

It’s easy to get burned out as a mom. You might be juggling work, family life, and all your let’s-haves without enough time for what really matters most in this world: spending quality moments with the people who make us smile.

This blog post will give you tips on how to avoid burn out and find motivation in the everyday hustle and bustle of parenting.

12 Ideas On How To Overcome Mom Burnout:

  1. Be patient with yourself
  2. Recognize your accomplishments
  3. Take care of your mental health
  4. Get outside and take a walk or bike ride 
  5. Be realistic with what you can handle
  6. Find someone to confide in about what’s going on in your life that may be adding to the stress
  7. Use a gratitude tracker
  8. Reach out for mom support – don’t go it alone
  9. Take a break from social media and the news – this can add a lot of stress to your life!
  10. Know it’s okay not to be perfect at everything you do as a mom
  11. Take time each day to do something for yourself
  12. Get your sleep

#1 Be Patient With Yourself

be patient with yourself

Expectations we have for ourselves can be detrimental to how we perceive what we do. If you realize that the day often does not have enough hours, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, be patient and give yourself grace.

You should be proud of all the things you do, so don’t let mom guilt take over and instead pat yourself on the back!

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  • Use positive affirmations daily
  • Avoid people who criticize you
  • Give yourself permission to change aspects of your life that are not working for you

#2 Recognize Your Accomplishments

Women often feel like mom duty includes many things they do not enjoy. This can lead to mom guilt and stress when we think about all the tasks we need to complete in a day.

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Take some time each night to reflect on your accomplishments for the day instead of focusing on what did not get done. Remind yourself that it’s okay not to be perfect.

Do not feel guilty for taking a break or relaxing because you deserve it mom!


  • Make a list of mommy accomplishments at the end of each day
  • Take time to enjoy your surroundings instead of rushing through them to get things done quicker. This will help reduce stress and make parenting more enjoyable by doing this.
  • Remind yourself of the things that you are good at.

#3 Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Your mental health can be just as important as your physical health. Do not neglect the need for self care and mommy time!

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If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed daily, it’s best to take some time out of your day to relax or do something that makes you happy. 


  • Take a mommy moment for yourself every day – no matter how big or small it has to be!
  • Do not feel guilty taking time out of your day for mom activities. Instead, remind yourself you deserve it!
  • Find someone to confide in about what’s going on in your life that may be adding to the stress.

#4 Get Outside And Take A Walk Or Bike Ride 

Being outside can add a new perspective to mom life. Mother nature is good for the soul and when you get time away from your daily schedule that includes mommy duties, it’s refreshing!

Take some time out of your day to walk or ride a bike in the neighborhood. Fresh air is great medicine for mom burnout and will make mom life more enjoyable.

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  • Spend time alone or with your kids doing something new outside!
  • Enjoy the outdoors regardless of weather (sometimes walking in the rain is refreshing!)
  • Explore a new place

#5 Be Realistic With What You Can Handle

It’s easy for life to become overwhelming and before you know it, mom burnout is setting in. Be realistic with what you can handle by not overextending yourself and prioritizing your needs.

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Prioritize what you need to get done each day or week. Don’t feel guilty if something has to wait because it’s okay mom. This will help reduce stress levels and maybe also help avoid people who are draining you.


  • Break up big tasks into smaller chunks to help reduce overwhelm and prevent mom burnout. 
  • Prioritize the most important things on your list so you can get them done before you feel too tired.
  • Don’t feel guilty about saying no to others seeking your time.

#6 Find Someone To Confide In

Your sanity needs to have someone you can talk to about what’s going on in your life. Whether it’s a spouse, mom friend, or therapist – find someone who will support and encourage you instead of putting you down.

If your mom burnout is severe, and it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I highly recommend getting set up with a therapist. Therapy will help you explore underlying reasons for how you are feeling and set up a structure to help you out of exhaustion.

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  • Have a mom date with another mom who has similar interests as yourself every once in a while.
  • Find mom friends who are supportive and uplifting instead of negative – your mental health will thank you!
  • Reach out to a therapist.

#7 Use A Gratitude Tracker

Gratitude has many mental health benefits and mom life can use all the encouragement it can get. Use a gratitude tracker to help you to stay focused on what’s important in your life (interests, career, family, friends) instead of feeling guilty for not doing enough or getting overwhelmed by other tasks.

List what makes you feel grateful each day – it can be anything from things that happened during when. outside, kids saying something cute or simply for the home you live in. Using a gratitude tracker will highlight the positives in your life and your days will start feeling lighter.


  • Use positive affirmations so mom burnout does not sneak up on you.
  • Take time each day to reflect on what you are grateful for and your life will be more enjoyable because of this!
  • Download and fill out a gratitude tracker to help you focus on what matters the most!


You deserve happiness! Download this free gratitude tracker today so that every day will be filled with positivity.

I know how hard it is being a mom but we also know how rewarding it is too! This tracker will help keep your focus on what matters most – YOU!

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    #8 Focus On One Thing At A Time

    Do only one mom task at a time – whether it’s childcare, work, or errand related. By focusing on a single thing at a time you will be more productive and avoid mom burnout. Multi-tasking might feel productive but in reality, mom burnout is a result of doing too much and being overwhelmed.

    Don’t feel guilty if something is not done before the end of your day as long as it gets finished tomorrow! Taking the appropriate time for what matters to you is more important than checking off that to-do list.

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    • Only do one mom task at a time – this will prevent mom burnout from happening!
    • If you have to multi-task, try staying within certain “group tasks” ie. tasks related to cleaning, tasks related to work projects, etc.
    • Write down the things you want to get accomplished and when you will do them. It will reduce the urge to multi-task.

    #9 Take A Break From Social Media And The News – This Can Add A Lot Of Stress To Your Life!

    Social media and the news can add a lot of stress to mom life. Social media is full of other mom’s lives that look amazing when in reality, they have their struggles too! The news often focuses on so much negativity that it can add to feelings of despair.

    The world of the internet has a lot of positives too (I mean you are getting help from this blog post as we speak) but be selective of what you look at to ensure it is making you feel better and not worse.

    –>This Is How Mom Bloggers Practice Self Care<–


    • If possible, delete certain news apps from your phone to avoid notifications of sstressfulevents
    • Replace screen time with a hand-on project that you enjoy (knitting, writing in a journal baking)
    • Find a book or aaudiobookthat is enjoyable

    #10 Know It’s Okay Not Be Perfect At Everything You Do As Mom

    It’s ok not to be perfect mom because no one is. As much as we try, mom life will never be “perfect” and mom burnout often occurs when you feel like a failure in your mom role.

    Don’t worry if something did not go the way it should – there isn’t always a solution for every problem but its important to know mom burnout can be prevented.

    –>Are You In Your First Year Of Parenting? These 9 Tips Are For You!<–


    • You are not a perfect mom, but that’s okay! Your kids will learn more from you showing them how to deal with mistakes than looking “perfect” all of the time.
    • Instead of focusing on perfection (which is impossible), focus on trying your best and having fun along the way!
    • List what you like about yourself and incorporate those traits into your parenting style.

    #11 Take Time Each Day To Do Something For Yourself

    Taking time to do something for yourself is important mom because burnout can occur from not having a break on a regular basis.

    If you feel like guilt has been stopping you from taking that much needed break, consider the fact that you are doing this for your kids too! Kids need love and attention but they also need someone to model self care.

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    • Schedule time for a break in your calendar and don’t skip it no matter what!
    • Do something you enjoy such as reading, baking or listening to music.
    • If mom guilt is getting the best of you – remember that taking care of yourself is a great way to model a healthy lifestyle to your kids!

    #12 Get Your Sleep

    Getting sleep is important mom because its hard to make healthy choices if we are struggling from lack of rest.

    Did you know that not getting enough sleep can lead to depression and anxiety? That’s right, the very things we fight against as moms! We want our kids to feel happy and healthy so lets set a great example for them by making sure we are not mom-ing exhausted.

    –>5 Gentle Parenting Tips To Stop Feeling Like A Mean Mom<–


    • Make sure you are not staying up super late every night. try finding time for yourself during the day instead.
    • Listen to some AMSR in your headphones if you are struggling to fall asleep.
    • If you are home with children that still nap, try and sleep when they do!

    Get Back Into Your Groove Today!

    Now that you’re more mindful of how to take the time for yourself, here are twelve ideas on how to overcome mom burnout and feel inspired. Take a few minutes today to try one or two of these tactics, which will help you get back into your groove as well as provide some much-needed relief from those pesky parenting responsibilities.

    Mom Burnout is real and you are not alone if you are feel stuck in a cycle of exhaustion. Use these mom burnout tips and tricks to feel empowered, inspired and healthy as a mom!


    You deserve happiness! Download this free gratitude tracker today so that every day will be filled with positivity.

    I know how hard it is being a mom but we also know how rewarding it is too! This tracker will help keep your focus on what matters most – YOU!

    Click here to download my free gratitude tracker now!

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