13 Unique Pregnancy Subscription Boxes – CrateJoy

13 Unique Pregnancy Subscription Boxes (2021) - CrateJoy

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Pregnancy can be HARD

Pregnancy is such a special time in a woman’s life. At the same time, how we feel varies greatly from woman to woman. That is why mom-to-be needs extra pampering, and pregnancy subscription boxes from Crate Joy is a wonderful option!

Some woman’s pregnancies fly by and they barely notice any symptoms, others feel so sick they start asking themselves if it’s going to be worth doing it all over again. I was just speaking to a close friend and she shared that she felt major depression while pregnant which is not totally uncommon with hormonal changes occurring.

Regardless of what type of pregnancy, receiving a box that pampers you is such a treat. It gets everyone excited about the soon to come bundle of joy and fuels that burning nesting sensation many moms get.

I would have totally done this if I knew about subscriptions boxes back in 2018 when I was pregnant.

mom opening pregnancy subscription box

Why pick CrateJoy’s Subscription Boxes

CrateJoy is a platform for other companies to showcase and sell their subscription boxes. Most boxes are small businesses that put their heart and soul into catering a beautiful and meaningful experiences for their clients. It is similar to Etsy, in that you find uniquely themed products for everyone in your life.

CrateJoy has innumerable subscription boxes for mom-hood. From trying to conceive, to pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. I can spend hours just skimming through their platform.

The nice thing about a subscription box rather than purchasing objects singularly is the element of surprise. You never know exactly what will be in each box which makes opening it exciting.

Any box can be purchased as a stand a lone box as well. You will never be asked to sign a contract and you can cancel anytime.


Unique Pregnancy Subscription Boxes

Enjoy this round up that features 13 of the best pregnancy subscription boxes on CrateJoy’s platform. Scroll all the way down to find out which one I think is the BEST!

PS. I’ve noticed that many of the boxes don’t clarify in their description what items are customizable. In order to see it, follow the process as if you were ordering the box, before any type of personal data is entered, most boxes will send you to a questionnaire page.

13. Ecoco Box subscription box

Perfect for the pregnant mama who values cruelty free products and wants some extra pampering.

  • includes: 5-8 items
  • pro: enjoy guilt free with all natural cruelty products
  • con: extra shipping cost from UK.

A box that ships from the UK and centers their products around ethical and cruelty-free products. You can expect to receive full size products from both larger brands and artisans that pamper moms and mom-to-be.

Pick between their two different boxes: Just for Mum which is pampering moms only, and Mum and Me which include products for both mom and baby.

12. Peace, Love & Breastmilk subscription box

Perfect for the pregnant mama who wants extra support with emotional health.

  • includes: 5-6 items
  • pro: box is curated by a therapist and breast/ chest feeding educator
  • con: only has one review.

Curated by a mother who is also an LCL and therapist, this box is meant to support new moms in finding peace in the struggles of early parenthood.

The box focuses on breast/chest feeding. Some common products you will find are lactation bars, water bottles, nursing covers, affirmation cards etc. 

11. Queen and Baby subscription box

Perfect for the pregnant mama who is in her third trimester and gearing up for baby to arrive.

  • includes: 4-6 items
  • pro: products are practical for breastfeeding and pumping moms
  • con: on the expensive side

Focused on both breastfeeding and pumping moms, this box wants to simplify our already busy lives by sending useful full size products from well-known companies such as Hakaa, Oat Mama and Mother Love. As a customer you also get access to a private Facebook group for peer support.

10. Boobie Box subscription box

Perfect for the pregnant mama who is excited about breastfeeding.

  • includes: 6-8 items
  • pro: breastfeeding box curated by a lactation specialist
  • con: some reviews are critical of products (many great ones too though)

The box for breastfeeding mama’s curated by a certified lactation consultant. Example of products you might get are muslim wraps, lactation bars, teething toys, water bottles, cooling gel pads for breasts, teas etc.

Customizable options include: gender preference of products, t shirt sizes for mama, dietary restrictions and the age of your nursling.

9. New Mommy Box subscription box

Perfect for the pregnant mama who wants to breastfeed and loves cute onesies!

  • includes: 4-6 items
  • pro: comes with a onsie in every box!
  • con: many items seem to be travel size.

This box is catered to babies and postpartum life. Products are all organic and a combination of full and travel size. Each box comes with a different onesie each time and can include a combination of baby diapers, wipes, snacks for mama, nursing pads etc.

8. Little Baby Bear subscription box

Perfect for the pregnant mama who is having twins.

  • includes: 5-7 items
  • pro: can choose between box for mom, dad, foster parent or family with twins!
  • con: does not have any customer reviews yet

This is the only subscription that will customize the box to your family type. There are many great new baby boxes out there, but if you are a foster parent, a dad or having twins, Little Baby Bear will take great care of you!

Each box has products geared towards new moms/ dads and babies with the addition of some yummy snacks. The foster parents and dad box are the same as the regular box except that they are mindful of products with written ‘mom /dad’ on them.

7. Ecocentric Mom Box subscription

Perfect for the pregnant mama who wants a customized experience throughout pregnancy and into parenthood.

  • includes: 4-6 items
  • pro: custom box for mom through pregnancy up to 24 months postpartum
  • con: some reviews were disappointed with small size of box

Organic, eco-friendly products will fill your monthly subscription box that caters to both mom and baby. Each month you will receive 4-6 products, half of which are for pampering moms and the other half caters to pregnancy and baby.

A few examples of products you might receive are belly bands, tea, bath salt, healthy snacks journals etc.

6. Mama Bird Box subscription box

Perfect for the pregnant mama who enjoys minimalist designs.

  • includes: 4-6 items.
  • pro: product value of items will always exceed the box.
  • con: a lot of products in the images seem to be skin care related (which to me is boring).

For the modernist in mind, this box is meant to pamper with simple time-less designs. Boxes can include organic skincare, healthy snacks, accessories etc. Products are organic and focused on health and well-being for the mom-to-be.

5. Queen Mommy Pregnancy subscription box

Perfect for the pregnant mama who is excited about stocking up on baby clothing and products.

  • includes: 7-10 items
  • pro: boxes are highly customizable to your pregnancy
  • con: not many mommy specific products

A great pregnancy box that follows you throughout the 9 months. Queen Mommy Pregnancy Care Box describes themselves as a baby shower in a box. Their goal is to pamper the soon to be mama and make her pregnancy a positive and beautiful experience (because we all know it is not always that way).

I remember as a pregnant mama, I had ALL the pregnancy apps and most of my energy went towards planning for the baby. I would have loved to receive a monthly care box. Your daughter/ sister/ niece/ friend will love it too!

4. Boxy Momma subscription box

Perfect for the pregnant mama who enjoys a little bit of attitude

  • includes: 5-7 items + goodies
  • pro: portion of proceeds go to mental health charities
  • con: a lot of products with meme’s which is not everyone’s style.

Not directly linked to pregnancy and postpartum, this is the box about motherhood that will greet you with arms wide open. Products are hand-picked to pamper mothers of all stages in life and can include, self care, cleaning, organizational stationary etc. When I was pregnant, fantasizing about motherhood was a common occurrence. This box is perfect to set the mood for any mother-to-be!

PS. sometimes there might be some swearing lingo

3. Mama Needs Box subscription

Perfect for the pregnant mama who needs help practicing self-care.

  • includes: 5-6 items.
  • pro: unique products that will help you relax
  • con: I don’t see any cons with this box 

Self-care for moms is the purpose of this box and what better time to start this positive habit than when pregnant! (Believe me, it won’t get easier later).

Often we let our own needs slip through the cracks, having a box delivered takes all the planning out of it. Every month you will receive sweet little self care tips with curated products that follow a monthly theme. A few example items are lip balm, cozy socks, chocolates, tote bag, books etc.

Each box also comes with a Spotify play list.

2. Cater to Mom subscription box

Perfect for the pregnant mama who enjoys brand name products.

  • Includes: 6-8 items
  • pro: box is highly customized per birth / feeding plan and dietary restrictions (this options appear once you start the order process.
  • con: I don’t see any cons with this box 

This box is curated for postpartum life. Cater to Mom subscriptions are elegantly wrapped and will make the mother feel pampered and special. Think of it as a great gift for any woman preparing to give birth up to 6 months post-partum.

A few items you can expect are, lactation friendly snacks, self care products such as lotions and face masks and books. (Many pictures include a book, but they don’t specify if each box comes with one).

1. Oh Baby Boxes subscription

Perfect for the pregnant mama who enjoys receiving unique products she might not think to get herself.

  • includes: 6-8 full size items.
  • pro: custom tailored to your due date!
  • con: can’t find any cons with this box.

This is one of the more highly reviewed subscription boxes which tells you it is popular. When starting a subscription you will share your due date and each box will be customized to your pregnancy journey. How cool is that! A few example of products you might receive is tea, journals, mugs, socks, skin care and books.

The reason this box is my number one is because of the good variation of products, their size and the oh so beautiful presentation. I wish I knew about this box when I was pregnant! If you are at the end of your journey or just given birth, they will send products for recovering postpartum.

There is no day like today to start pampering yourself

So you are pregnant, just had a baby or maybe you know someone who would enjoy some extra pampering. CrateJoy has just the right box for you! Choose between a monthly subscription or stand a lone purchase, knowing that whatever you choose, you just made someone’s day. 

Many existing mothers are creating boxes for other pregnant moms on CrateJoy making this the best place to find products curated by someone who has been there. That is why you can consider CrateJoy the platform that has the best pregnancy subscription boxes on the internet.

Have you every ordered a subscription box before? 

If so, what was it for?

Comment Below~ 

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