1st Mother’s Day Gift Ideas She’ll Actually Like

1st Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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When Mother’s Day sneaks up, it always amazes me how time has flown by. Just like many firsts, my 1st Mother’s Day was extra special, that is why I am sharing this 1st Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, to help spouses make this day extra special.

If you are asking yourself whether you should get something for first time mommy, think again. It’s WHAT you should get that is the question to consider. All moms want to be celebrated (even if they say otherwise).

Our son was born in April so Mother’s Day was just around the corner for me. It was all a bit of a blur at the time but I can still remember the flowers on the counter with cards and chocolates.

How to Pick the Right Gift

first mother's day

Think about your partner and try putting yourself in their shoes. I’d consider comments they might have made wishing for certain things, and combine that with their overall energy level when mother’s day arrives.

Questions to consider: Does she enjoy experiences? Does she like being outdoors? Does she prefer cozy afternoons on the couch? Does she love shopping clothing? Does she like jewelry? Is she sentimental? What does she spend most money on usually?

Thinking about these question will narrow down the type of 1st mother’s day gift ideas that fits her personality and go from there. The important thing to remember here is not getting the PERFECT gift, but that you get her something to communicate that she’s valued and seen. Parenting is hard and mother’s usually get the toughest part of it during that first year.

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Gift Cards

The best gift cards I received as a new mom are that for my favorite coffee shops. However, you could also get gift cards for clothing stores, a massage or haircut. The beauty of gift cards is not so much the dollar amount on them. Instead, it encourages the recipient to pamper themselves with things they might not usually spend money on.

  • Intelligentsia Coffee
  • Starbucks Coffee
  • 60min massage (or just foot if mama is touched out)
  • Hair cut
  • Gap Clothing
  • Banana Republic Clothing
  • Amazon Gift Card

Coffee / Tea

As a 1st time mom you realize that processes in your day need to be simplified. Your hour long morning care routine gets cut to 5 minutes and that might include making your morning coffee or tea.

I used to use a percolator, but it turned out to be too time-consuming and I often forget it on the stove to burn. That is why I invested in my Nespresso Machine with capsules and never looked back.

=>My Review of the Nespresso Vertuo<=

It’s a little more expensive to purchase capsules but I’ve saved a ton from not buying coffee outside, now that it’s so easy to make it at home with a touch of a button.


If your partner is a tea drinker, absolutely make sure they have an electric kettle. It’s a must because it clicks off automatically when ready. That way even if you forget it, there is no harm done. I’d also get a nice container to display her tea’s to make this particular part of her day extra special.

Make sure that you combine it with a cute Mother’s Day Mug.


Surprise Experience

Plan a fun day out with the new family. The key to ensuring success when taking out a newborn and a new mom is to keep it simple. Car rides under an hour, no excessive walking, and ensure there are bathrooms and seating.

Depending on how far the new mom is in their post-partum recovery, the location might vary but here are some awesome ideas to make memories and take pictures.

  • Botanical Gardens – see if you have one in your area. These gardens are often quiet and relaxing, perfect for a leisurely walk with sleeping baby. It has many places to sit and mommy can nurse in privacy as well.
  • Farmer’s Market – For shorter excursions, Farmer’s market are a bit more crowded and high energy. If your baby is under 4 months they might sleep nevertheless. If mommy loves artiginal products and window shopping booths, this can be an awesome afternoon for the family.
  • Zoo – This excursion is more for mommy than baby at this point, but can still make for awesome memories and pictures.
  • Picnic – Perfect for good weather, grab some lunch on the go and spread out your picnic blanket in the park. Baby will love this too!
  • Brunch – Take mommy to her favorite brunch place and order up a storm! Many moms can feel insecure with the extra baby weight lingering, but make sure to communicate that today is about celebration +she is beautiful just as she is!

Fun Mother’s Day Products

Who doesn’t love to receive fun little gifts that make one feel appreciated and loved? (I do! I do! *raising virtual hand here). Etsy and Amazon are my go to sites for gift inspiration. Etsy has such fun customizable products, and Amazon is simply so fast.

What you do is set up a little gift ensemble for the morning of Mother’s day so when that first time mom wakes up to a surprise! Use this Hallmark Popup Flowers and add one of the additional gifts listed in this post.

Top 3 Picks from Etsy:

Personalized Gold Little Letters Necklace, Name Necklace Gold, Personalized Gift, Tiny Letters necklace

Mother's Day necklace

Custom Family Portrait/Custom Couple Portrait

Happy Mother’s Day Box

Top 3 Picks from Amazon:

20 oz Tumbler Cup with Straws, Lids and Key chain for Mothers Day,

Ceramic Ring Dish Decorative Trinket Plate

Bearsland Women’s Maternity Sweater

Mother’s Day is about Appreciation

Don’t let the hustle and bustle of new parenthood blur your vision in regard to this day of celebrating Mothers. Women go through so many transformations both physical, psychological, social and professional. First pregnancy (or trying to get pregnant if it doesn’t come easy), to giving birth, to caring for a newborn. And this is only the icing on the cake.

It is quite amazing if you think about every step of that process in becoming a mother. Giving birth in itself can be traumatic, breastfeeding difficult, new shifts in the family dynamic are both exciting and challenging.

This guide for 1st time Mothers Day Gift Ideas is important because every first mom needs to be recognized for the huge accomplishment of bringing life to this world while juggling everything else.

What will you get her for Mother’s Day?

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