5 Breastfeeding Gift Basket Ideas Mama’s will Love


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Who Should You Buy a Breastfeeding Basket For?

Breastfeeding Gift Baskets are perfect for ANY nursing mother, whether it’s a newborn or a preschool child (or older). However, many care boxes advertised online focus on the mother in the newborn phase. Reason being, it’s a huge adjustment period for a new mother. Also, as the child gets older, we simply need less “things” in order to comfortably breastfeed.

As a breastfeeding mother of a 2.5 year old, I would definitely love to receive a breastfeeding basket. Receiving this type of gift signals to me that I am being supported in my breastfeeding journey.

Below I will share the products that would be perfect for both a new born mama as well as a seasoned breastfeeding mama, in case you choose to make your own basket. Stay Tuned.


5 Breastfeeding Gift Basket Ideas from Etsy

At the time of writing this post, I’ve been breastfeeding our son for 2.5 years. During this time, I have gone through the newborn / post-partum stage, the baby stage and currently, I am in the toddler stage. It is so true that parenting is the longest – the shortest time!

You can say that I have gained some insight on what many mothers will want inside a breastfeeding basket. I can also promise you that ALL mothers will be appreciative in receiving this type of gift. She will love not only the items inside, but also it will make her feel supported in her effort to breastfeed.

The best place to find customized and well presented gift baskets online is by far Etsy! I will save you time here and share with you the 5 best breastfeeding baskets (sometimes known as care boxes) available to date on Etsy. 

Stay around as we will end the post with my personal recommendations for what to put into a breastfeeding basket, in case you decide to make one yourself.

1. Breastfeeding Mama Care Box

Breastfeeding Mama Care Box

Perfect For: the Meme Lover

Cost: $19.70

Shipping (Chicago): $7.17

Buy Here

This comes from the Moon and Tide Studio out of the UK, however for USA residents, shipping was under $8 for me in Chicago, which keeps this basket the most cost effective of them all!

With over 1,000 baskets sold and 200+ 5start reviews, this basket is a great option that tells her you care without breaking the bank.

This is what you can find inside the basket:

  • ‘Stronger Than You Know’ A5 Art Print
  • ‘Liquid Gold Mama’ Soft Enamel Glitter Pin
  • Every Drop Counts Vinyl 10cm Sticker 
  • Four Disposable Breast Pads
  • Two Pukka Teas – Night Time Organic & Lemon, Ginger and Manuka Honey Organic 
  • One nakd Cocoa Orange Bar (dates, cashews, raisins and cocoa)

2. The Breastfeeding Box by Nutritious Gifts


Perfect For: the Health Savvy

Cost: $40.00

Shipping (Chicago): FREE

Buy Here 

Perfect for the health conscious mama, this box comes from Nutritious Gifts and is filled with great snacks that nourished both body and soul. All the products are also known to help maintain a healthy milk supply. The shop is owned by Rebecca Stib, a registered dietian which gives the process a more personal feel. Free shipping is included.

I love the presentation of this box on Etsy. It appeared very fresh and inviting. Although it currently has fewer reviews and sales than the others listed, I would seriously consider this box for myself or a friend because it’s not your “traditional” breastfeeding box. 

This is what you can find inside the basket:

  • Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal
  • Flying Bird Botanical Organic Lactation Tea
  • Wild Planet Tuna
  • Shady Lane Foods Granola
  • Boston Olive Oil Company Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) – Nutritional powerhouse boasting with antioxidants and healthy essential fats important for supporting breast milk supply.
  • Lactation Cookies 
  • Lactation Garnish 

3. The New Mom Nurturing Breastfeeding Gift Box

The Breastfeeding Box by Nutritious Gifts

Perfect For: the Coffee / Tea Drinker

Cost: $68.20

Shipping (Chicago): $24.00

Buy Here

This box is provided to you by DearMomCareBoxes out of Canada. They have a large assortment of catered boxes for mothers, all of which ship quickly (per reviews) and are gift wrapped beforehand. Check out their other boxes here

This box is perfect for the snacker who loves to sit on the couch sipping on a hot beverage. (I mean what new born mom doesn’t love that?) 

The New Mom Nurturing Breastfeeding Gift Box has a really well-rounded assortment of items. I love that if has a feel good mug in it and would easily choose this basket simply for that reason. 

I personally used the Lansinoh pads and thought they were fabulous (although note that the Myrtle & Maude Basket has the reusable pads which I think are even better!)

This is what you can find inside the basket:

  • A beautiful stoneware mug
  • HPA Lanolin x1 
  • Lansinoh Nursing Pads
  • Mother’s milk tea 
  • Lactation Cookies

4. Myrtle and Maude Breastfeeding Bundle

Myrtle and Maude Breastfeeding Bundle

Perfect For: the Simple Soul

Cost: $32.57

Shipping (Chicago): $24.36

Buy Here

Myrtle and Maude is a well-established Pregnancy & Motherhood company from the UK.

This box is simple but provides a beautiful presentation with a focus on lactation tea. These products can contribute to relaxation and well being while helping a mother with her milk supply. The boobie bag with reusable breast pads is unique and gives this basket a playful vibe. 

This is what you can find inside the basket:

  • organic lactation tea x 2 
  • reusable bamboo breast pads x 6 individual pads
  • baby muslin burp cloth

5. Breastfeeding Survival Box/Nursing Support Package

Breastfeeding Survival Box/Nursing Support Package

Perfect For: the Extrovert

Cost: $79.30

Shipping (Chicago): $19.86

Buy Here 

This box is made by DearMomCareBoxes out of Canada and have sold over 200 care boxes this year alone! (2020). They offer a handful of other catered boxes for mothers and all are well-thought-out and beautifully presented.

This box is perfect for the extroverted Mama because it has products that can be handy when out and about. The insulated water bottle, the breastfeeding cover, snack bars and breast pads will keep this mama happy while seeing friends and family.

This is what you can find inside the basket:

  • Reusable Water bottle
  • Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding
  • HPA-Lanolin 
  • Lansinoh Nursing Pads- 10 individually wrapped pads
  • Mother’s milk tea 
  • Booby Boons Lactation Cookies
  • Assortment of snack bars 

Alternatives to Gift Baskets 


If you want to gift something special to a breastfeeding mother but don’t think that a gift basket is the way to go, I can share a few alternatives that might make sense for you.

Remember that the goal with any gift is to le the other person know you care. I am a strong believer in that “it’s the thought that counts”. 

Check out these items I’ve received and loved: 


Send Flowers: I have family near and far. Flowers is such a great way to tell someone you care. Although flowers won’t help with the act of breastfeeding, it will aid in the mood of the breastfeeding mama! The best thing about flowers are that their are options for any budget.


Bluetooth Headphones : I know weird, but I tell ALL my breastfeeding mothers- you need bluetooth headphones. That is the only way I can enjoy watching shows and movies on my phone / ipad / TV without waking my baby. Newborn’s sleeps ALOT so I promise you, these bad boys will get a ton of mileage.


Starbucks Gift Card: I have to say that as a tiered mama, I loved that last year so many people gifted me Starbucks gift cards. There are other coffee shops I go too (I love Intelligentsia), but the nice thing about Starbucks is that they are everywhere and offer a large assortment of drinks and food.

Make Your own Breastfeeding Gift Basket 

Lets end with the fun part! Ge some great ideas for making your own Breastfeeding Gift Basket. For all the gift baskets I found on Etsy, none truly covered all the essentials I would want. Making your own is therefore perfect, especially if it’s for a mother you will see in person.

Items to Put into a Basket for a New Breastfeeding Mama

For the Newborn Mama:

Burp Cloths- we go through these so fast. Newborns spit up and drool sooooo much! You can never go wrong with the Burt’s Bee’s Baby brand!

Nursing Cover- There is nothing wrong with breastfeedign in public (and showing boob). If you are just starting off, or if you want to reduce possible distractions for your baby while outside, a nursing cover is great. I also like them because they are easy to bring with anywhere since they folds neatly into any bag.

Lactation Snacks- A great option to promote good milk flow, however not neccessary for breastfeeding, just a plus!

Nursing Wrist Band- I was surpised not see this product in any of the Etsy baskets. When nursing a newborn it is common to nurse on one breast per session. A wrist band can help remind a mother which breast is next.

Nursing Breast Pads- There is a lot of leaking from the breast during the first months post-partum. Nursing pads are one of those products you can’t get away from purchasing. If you are making a gift I would suggest the reusable option for less waste.

For Both Newborn and Older Nursings:

Feel Good Snacks- I love to have snacks handy (breastfeeding makes us mama’s hungry!)

Nursing Top- the right top can be a came changer. They are affordable and will be used a lot. 

Cute Coffee Mug – Ok Guys. I admit it. I LOVE warm beverages. Personally Coffee is my number one, but hot chocolate and tea’s are just as awesome. I got myself a mug with a cute mom meme and still smile every morning when drinking from itt 2.5 years later. 

Water Bottle – It is so important to drink a lot of water while breastfeeding (and in geneal). Add a bottle to your basket that is easy to drink from one handed and preferably one with an incorportated straw for minimal spills.

The All Year Around Option

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some geat Breastfeeding Gift Basket Ideas. From a breastfeeding mama myself, I tell you that these are great gifts for any time of the year and it’s most definitely the thought that counts!

Breastfeeding is hard and it can be difficult to communicate with our loved ones, the mental and physical load a mother goes through when their body all of a sudden is no longer theirs (or at least it feels that way). We all love little suprises so gifting on a regular basis (even small items) is such a nice thing to do. 

What was the last thing you gifted some one? Comment below….


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