5 Practical Breastfeeding Pajamas That Will Keep You Cozy

5 Practical Breastfeeding Pajamas That Will Keep You Cozy

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Why wear a breastfeeding pajamas?

As breastfeeding mothers, sleeping is on our list of most missed activities. Nights can be rough with a baby or toddler that keeps on waking for the boob so make your life easier by stocking up on some practical breastfeeding pajamas that will keep you cozy.

Pajamas for breastfeeding will serve two purposes:

  1. Keep you warm in case your bed sharing kiddo kicks away the blankets, (or you don’t have any because of a younger baby).
  2. Easy access to the breastfeeding in the middle of the night when you are tiered.

According to the Mayo Clinic, adults needs anywhere between 7 – 9 hours of sleep. Before becoming a parent I slept at least 9 hours a night, but not anymore. As a mother to a 2.5 breastfeeding toddler, I now get maybe 6 hours of broken sleep. 

we need 7-9 hours of sleep

If you have a toddler past the age of one, and they are waking up often to nurse, you can consider night weaning. The best part is that you can still continue to breastfeed during the day. If night weaned, it’s possible that they will sleep longer stretches without waking you up.

(**The minimum of one year of age threshold for night weaning is a personal preference, many wean before or even after. I started night weaning my toddler around 2.5 years of age).

5 different pajama styles

To make things simple I have categorized each pajama so that you can find the right fit. They are all from Amazon (yay fast deliveries), however Etsy has some great options as well.

1. The Side Pocket

practical breastfeeding pajama

This is a 2 set pajama that comes in 12 different colors / patterns. Personally I really like the gray and white stripes because of the softness the color provides. A side opening works well when laying in bed breastfeeding horizontally and will keep your chest warm at the same time.

The elastic waistband is designed to provide extra space through pregnancy as well as comfort for recovering C sections.

This product is from Ekouaer which has a whole collection of breastfeeding clothing. The red and white stripes are a Christmas favorite too, making it a good fit for those matching pajamas family photo shoots!

Brand: Ekouaer

Material: 95% Polyester + 5% spandex (stretchy)


  • Comes in a variety of sizes up to XX2.
  • Design can still be used after breastfeeding.
  • Long sleeves and long pants for warm.
  • Variety of colors and patterns to pick from.


  • Material is on the thinner side.
  • Returns are not through Amazon. 

2. The Flip up

practical breastfeeding pajama2

The flip up pocket is similar to the side pocket for breastfeeding, but is often more noticeable. However in this design, the pocket is well camouflaged by the seam design on the front. The design of this pajama is casual with its simple lines and the drop of color will make you look less tiered.

In general, like the flip up pocket design more than the side pocket. Reason being because in my personal experience, it’s easier to breastfeeding with this type of opening.


Material: N/A 


  • Design has clean lines.
  • Adjustable waistband for post-partum C sections.
  • Seam around waist gives a feminine look.
  • Opening easy to breastfeed half asleep with 


  • Not clear what material it’s made of.
  • Some reviews say pants are too big.

3. The V-Neck

practical breastfeeding pajama3

V-necks are great because it works great for breastfeeding even if not advertised with that intent. This goes beyond pajamas though: dresses and tops are also examples of v-neck articles that are breastfeeding friendly without explicitly saying so.

This pajama is soft and on the feminine side. The lace runs down the length of the pants and trims the edge of the v neck which will make you feel pampered and beautiful ( pamper yourself with this too).

Brand: Lamaze 

Material: 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex 


  • Very soft. 
  • Feminine design. 
  • V-neck is great even after breastfeeding. 


  • If you have a larger chest, the seam under the breast will not sit right.
  • Open chest might have you feeling cold at night.

4. The MOM Meme

practical breastfeeding pajama5

Another pajama from Ekouaer that will make you feel cozy at night. This is the warmest of the bunch and my favorite because of its oversized design.

This pajama has the side pocket opening and a funny meme on the front that say “MOM is my Superhero”. If you are pregnant too, the resizable waistband will keep them fitting perfectly through each trimester. So if you are expecting your second while breastfeeding, I would go with this one.

Brand: Ekouaer

Material: 47.5%Polyester, 5%Spandex, 47.5%Rayon


  • Perfect for all size woman.
  • Super comfortable.
  • Adjustable waistband.


  • Only one text option
  • Reviews mention pants might be too long if you are on the short side.

5. Flannel Gown

practical breastfeeding pajama6

Did you know that loose gowns were originally worn by men roughly 300 years before night gowns for woman were being designed?

This gown is the only 100% cotton option I could find on Amazon that is breastfeeding friendly. Be careful though as it could shrink in the dryer. Gowns are like having a personal blanket on you and if you are safely bed sharing, this is a great substitute for covers.

If you live in an extra cold climate, the gown is perfect as a second layer of pajamas. You could wear something tighter underneath and this over. Then you will be really warm!

Although it is not advertised for breastfeeding, the front buttons make night time nurses very easy.

Material: 100% cotton

Brand: Latuza


  • Cotton will help you stay cool at night.
  • Reviews say nice loose fit for the post-partum body.
  • Feels like a blanket when sleeping


  • Only plaid options.
  • Could shrink in dryer.

A pajama for every occasion

Pajamas tend to stick around for a very long time, so make sure you get something you really like. For this same reason I was not inclined to invest too much in a breastfeeding pajama since the breastfeeding felt temporary but let me tell you, it’s TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Although you might not breastfeed forever, it’s a memory you will keep with you for a lifetime. Make that memory last by indulging in some breastfeeding friendly night wear to make those nights easier.

If I were to pick one of these pajamas’, I’d definitely go for the Funny Meme because of it’s loose fit and generally comfortable look. Meme’s always make me smile and the plaid reminds me of the upcoming Holidays.

Which pajama fits your personality the best?

Comment below!

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      1. I’m a pull down type of pj wearing during breastfeeding. Although on those cold middle of the nights feeding, I’d prefer something more covering up to keep me warmer.

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