Get a Workout Subscription Box from CrateJoy- 11 best offers

Workout Subscription Box from CrateJoy

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What will help you loose weight?

You’ve had a baby or two and want to loose some weight. Finding the time and motivation though is tough with littles at toe so getting a workout subscription box is a reminder to prioritize fitness. (Self care is so important!) Also, spending money on a box like this can have you feeling serious about you commitment to losing weight.

Whatever gets you there right?

It’s hard to work out consistently when there are already not enough hours in a day. Multi-tasking has us mothers often exhausted which is the perfect excuse to spread out on the couch when the moment allows for it.

If there was only something or someone who could remind us regularly that working out is worth it and keep us motivated and excited to start moving more? Well that is where these workout subscription boxes from CrateJoy some in.

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Why buy a workout subscription box

You can’t get away from how convenient subscription boxes are, with the added element of surprise you’ll end up using products or doing workouts normally not on your radar. Many of the boxes include access to an online support group platform which really helps keep the motivation going.

Subscription boxes started in 2010 and have become incredibly popular. This doesn’t happen overnight if it isn’t something that improves our lives in a meaningful way. What is neat is that you both get a curated experience every month as well as a good deal on merchandise included in the subscription.

The Best 11 Work out Subscription boxes on CrateJoy

Most workout subscription boxes will have a combination of fitness clothing, accessories, snacks and supplements. The best boxes offer a nice balance of these items as well as extras such as recipes, workout ideas and access to online communities. 
Scroll to the end of this post and I’ll share which one of the 11 fitness boxes Mama Questions recommends. 

Ps. Sometimes there will be more information on certain boxes once you hit the subscribe button. You will see it before entering your data.

1. Wild Woman Box subscription

For the outdoorsy mama.

  • Price: starts at $37.65.
  • Includes: 6-8 items (outdoor gear, body products, snacks +some smaller surprised) .
  • Pro: a ton of fantastic reviews.
  • Con: per reviews some boxes seem to vary is popularity.

The best way to loose weight is by subscribing to an active lifestyle. This starts by getting yourself out of the house! The Wild Woman box will send you a custom box to get you excited about hitting the ground running. Items you can expect are outdoor gear, body products, snacks as well as some surprise items.

2. BarBella Box subscription

For the cross fit mama.

  • Price: starts at $50.00 .
  • Includes: 4-6 items (fitness clothing, accessories, snacks, workout tips and recipes).
  • Pro: you can easily exchange clothing for different size.
  • Con: some reviews felt items were not worth the price.

Cross fit is a fancy name for interval training and is a great way to loose weight. You can find free workout videos on YouTube or go to a gym for classes. Either way, having clothing you feel good in can make the whole thing more fun. Enjoy a monthly delivery of stylish workout clothing and cross fit accessories. You will also receive healthy snacks, workout tips and recopies. (This is something not many boxes include).

3. The Barbell Box subscription

For the mama who likes supplements.

  • Price: starts at $39.27USD (listed $50CAD on site).
  • Includes: Not clear but seems to be 3-4 full size items with a sprinkle of smaller ones.
  • Pro: box catered with excellent knowledge of weight loss and fitness.
  • Con: shipping to the US from Canada can be costly.

This box focuses on sending the most recent supplements and gear currently on the market. Upon subscribing, you will note gender and size. The main difference with gender is the cut of the clothing. Their purpose is to elevate your workout while getting you in that healthy mindset.

4. WODBOM subscription

For the mama who likes going to the gym.

  • Price: starts at $33.00.
  • Includes: 6-7 products ( 3-4 nutritional products and 2-3 apparel/ accessories) .
  • Pro: focuses on delivering full size products.
  • Con: not clear what the difference is between male/ female boxes.

Accessorize yourself with products that that help support your workout. From fitness gear, to apparel, muscle massagers and healthy snacks, WODBOM delivers that little extra to make workouts fun. When subscribing, you can choose between male or female boxes. Each box will include 3-4 nutritional products and 2-3 apparel/ accessories to try out.

5. Fit Lifestyle Box subscription

For the budget friendly mama.

  • Price: Starts at $21.00.
  • Includes: 6-9 products.
  • Pro: comes with 30 day challenges.
  • Con: Does not always include a shirt.

Another box that helps women (and men) stay fit. Choose between 3 type of boxes: Get Lean, Stay Fit, Stay Strong and they will cater the content to your specific request. You’ll also specify gender as box often comes with some apparel. (Per reviews a shirt is not always sent in each box however a full size item is always included).

6. Fun Run Box subscription

For the mama who loves to run.

  • Price: starts at $32.08 .
  • Includes: 6-8 items (doesn’t specify but looks like 3 full size products with 4-5 snacks / supplements).
  • Pro: receive monthly challenge and access to exclusive monthly community.
  • Con: wish they had more reviews.

Running is a popular way to loose weight, the best part its basically free! Despite the low price tag, its fun to pamper oneself in order to stay motivated because being consistent in your work out regimen is so rewarding. Especially when those pants start to feel loose. 

This box will send you apparel, goodies, a monthly challenge as well as discounts for products and free access to a running community.

7. My FitFix® subscription box

For the mama who likes to work out in brand name apparel.

  • Price: starts at $40.50 .
  • Includes: 1-3 products depending on subscription (gym clothing and accessories).
  • Pro: fill out profile used to customize your box.
  • Con: More expensive than other listed boxes.

Receive brand name apparel and accessories straight to your door which is curated based on a monthly theme and the season. Upon subscribing, you will fill out a questionnaire for your profile which then My FitFix uses to fully customize your box. Although pricier, each box is a deal as you receive more product than what you pay for the subscription. (Also, I really like their box design).

Each box also comes with workout tips and recipes.

8. SpandexBox subscription

For the leggings loving mama.

  • Price: starts at $22.99 .
  • Includes: 1 pair of leggings (value $79!)
  • Pro: Great value.
  • Con: you don’t get anything else “extra”.

SpandexBox collaborates with 25+ fitness companies to give you a neat selection of leggings each month. Apparel is high quality, stylish and with nice colors and bold prints. Receive a great deal for your box and feel fashionable when working out or just walking to the grocery store (because that counts too right?).

9. Women’s Fitness Subscription Box (by Skye Fitness)

For the mama who likes supporting a cause .

  • Price: starts at $46.00 .
  • Includes: 7-9 items ($150 worth) work out gear, supplements, snacks and a few misc items.
  • Pro: per their official website they donate 5 meals to for every 10 boxes sold. 
  • Con: don’t see the questionnaire on CrateJoy?

Made by the brand Skye Sportswear, this box comes filled with fitness products that will always include one piece of active wear. Other items include work out gear, supplements, snacks and a few miscellaneous items. Upon subscribing, you’ll give them your size as well as fill out a questionnaire to customize the box to your needs. 

10. PowerFast Box subscription

For the mama who wants to try fasting.

  • Price: starts at $66.33 (every other month) .
  • Includes: 5-8 fasting products.
  • Pro: access to fasting coach and online community. 
  • Con: fasting not recommended if breastfeeding. 

So this is a little different but equally beneficial as intermittent fasting is proven to burn stubborn fat from our bodies. What you get from this box besides the ‘real deal’ fasting products, is also access to wellness and accountability group. It includes videos, training and support from others using the products.

11. Clubfitwear Subscription Box

For the mama who likes to wear feel good shirts.

  • Price: starts at $15.00.
  • Includes: 1 t-shirt of tank top.
  • Pro: Clear on what to expect.
  • Con: no extra complimentary items to ‘fluf’ the box.

This is for the mama who gets energized by feel good slogans and memes. In every box you will receive a t-shirt or tank top with encouraging text on it, all of which will make you smile and forget that working out is sometimes boring.

In addition to the shirt, subscribers have access to the private community Facebook group when everyone is cheering members on their fitness journey.

And the winner is….

So many boxes to choose from although some start to blur together in terms of what they are offering. In these work out subscription boxes you will almost always receive some apparel, accessories, supplements and snacks, however the design, quality and presentation is what really sets some apart.

One that stood out to me though was the WODBOM subscription box. Its offerings are the most well-balanced in terms of receiving a little of everything while targeting fitness. Their description is professional and past boxes look great. Some reviews complain about customer service, however there are enough positive ones where I’d give this workout subscription box a shot! 

Are you currently trying to loose weight?

Comment below!

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    1. congrats! I’d definitely give yourself time to heal postpartum as well as find a new groove with baby and all, however there are always things we can do to stay healthy and some of these boxes will get you excited to start working out. check out their self care boxes too. There are a ton of neat ones on CrateJoy.

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