All You Need To Know About Nursing Necklaces


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What are Nursing Necklaces?

Nursing Necklaces,(Breastfeeding Necklace), is a piece of jewelry for the mother to wear while breastfeeding. They help keep the child focused on nursing which extends the breastfeeding session. Most importantly though, the necklace can distract baby from fiddling or twiddling with your other nipple. Some other habits of nurslings include pulling hair, slapping your face or putting their finger in unwanted places.  Here you will find all you need to know about nursing necklaces.

These necklaces are aesthetically pleasing for a mother to wear in public. They look like normal pieces of jewelry but are safe for the nursling to play with. Nursing necklaces come in five materials (Silicone, Acrylic, Fabric, Wood, Amber) and are easy to buy on Etsy or Amazon.

Nursing necklaces are also very STURDY which means that it is strong enough where pulling at it is possible. You don’t have to worry about the chord breaking over your baby as you don’t want a chocking hazards.

The nursing necklace will captivate a child while breastfeeding. Therefore they often resemble that of baby toys by being colorful, take on many shapes and be easy to grasp.

Personally, I haven’t worn a normal necklace since our child was born in 2018. He will get fascinated by it quickly and want to pull at its pendant. When going to work or out with friends, I’d have to smuggle the jewelry with me. I’d then take them off before returning home to my breastfeeding loving boy. 


What Material are Nursing Necklaces be made out of?


Necklaces for breastfeeding mama’s usually come in five main materials. Fabric and wood necklaces are a common combination found on Etsy). 

Just like children’s toys, the necklace needs to be made of a safe material. Anything meant for child use needs to be BPA free, Lead free, PVC free and Phalates free. Otherwise they can release toxic gas into your child’s environment. The necklace will be close to your child’s face and they might even want to mouth it on occasion. Find out what the necklaces are made of. Specially when it’s a DYI project. 

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    Silicone is a popular material for children products due to its sturdy yet malleable quality. It is a safe choice for your child to chew and play with so most nursing necklaces have silicone.

    You will find silicone among kitchen products like containers, children’s plates and sippy cups. They are dishwasher safe and don’t break. If you use baby bottles, you’ll notice the nipple of it is silicone too. 

    Toys are an example of silicone within child products. Silicone toys are sturdy, flexible and come in many shapes and colors. It is not that surprising that breastfeeding necklaces use this awesome all inclusive super material. 

    Silicone U Statement Nursing Necklace

    Silicone U Statement Nursing Necklace


    Acrylic is a type of plastic (but not all plastics are acrylic) that is safe for children. It is often see-through and is much more durable for children to use than glass. It is skin friendly and lightweight making it a great material to use as a wearable accessories. 

    Despite the process of making acrylic releases toxic fumes, the finished product is labeled as non toxic. Acrylic is used for child safety equipment such as stair gates or baby car mirrors. It will take on both a smooth or rough texture and is designed into endless shapes.

    Rainbow Necklace, rainbow jewellery, acrylic necklace

    Rainbow Necklace

    (This is not sold as a nursing necklace but could work perfectly as one).


    Fabric is an easy to find material used in DIY necklaces. But don’t have yourself fooled by this label, because fabric necklaces can look down right beautiful! The fabric is crafted in a woven manner and its thickness makes it sturdy. This gives it the strength to resist that mini grip. 

    Cotton is considered the best fabric for children all around. If you want to go a step further you can look for necklaces made with organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemicals and fertilizers. 

    Fabric necklaces can be found braided, turned into spheres and other geometrical shapes that children enjoy. It is also popular to combine with a secondary material. In case of material combinations, the necklace might have a fabric chord while holding a wood pendant. (See fabric / wood combo here).

    the daisy breastfeeding necklace

    The Daisy Necklace


    The most common woods used for children products are hardwoods, which includes Maple, Birch, Oak, Beech, Walnut, Polar and Ash. Although softwood is cheaper, you should avoid using them for child related products. They can easily break producing splinters (ouch!).

    There are some really beautiful wooden nursing necklaces on Etsy. They are found sold as a pendant combined with another material such as fabric or a strong chord. 

    Painting wood is common so make sure the paint is chemical free. This is the same paint you’d find for children toys or furniture. You will look for a label “Zero-VOC” which stands for Volatile Organic Compounds” and toxic-free. 

    Rainbow Juniper Nursing Necklace with Wooden Rings

    Rainbow Juniper Nursing Necklace with Wooden Rings


    Amber is a fossilized tree resin and in folk lore contains healing agents. It used to be a medicine due to its qualities that absorb pain and alleviating stress (…and more). Amber is a natural and safe material for the child’s environment.

    Amber in best known for children products such as teething necklaces. it’s believed to help soothe sore gums. However, the FDA as of a December 2018 has issued a strict warning over teething necklaces. They can pose a risk for choking and strangulation. So please reconsider not introducing a teething necklace to your child. 

    Raw Amber Necklace Gift Set

    Raw Amber Necklace Gift Set – Certified Genuine Amber Necklace and Bracelet Set.

    At what age should I introduce a nursing necklace?

    At 3-4 months most babies start to get more aware of their environment. This will consequently makes them very easily distracted while breastfeeding and can be frustrating for the mother. Every child’s nursing preferences and behaviors vary so the timing for introducing the necklace is a personal choice. 

    As long as you use the necklace while breastfeeding, they are safe for all ages. However, it should only be used when a parent is present and wearing it. Don’t leave a baby with the necklaces unattended.

    Also, breastfeeding necklaces and teething necklaces are not the same thing, although sometimes advertisement as a 2-1 product. Nursing necklaces is for a nursing mother so don’t leave it with baby as a toy. Teething necklaces are for babies to wear for help with teething pain. Teething necklaces are not recommended by the FDA.

    How to pick the best nursing necklace design for my baby

    Choose a necklace that is as solid as possible. This will result in a safer product incase it breaks.

    Younger babies see more easily in strong contrasts, so black & white patterns will keep their attention longer.  As your baby reaches 5 months and older, they are able to grasp onto objects. Grabbing onto your necklace will become a favorite pastime for them. Therefore, using a loop pendant will encourage the child to try and grab and hold onto it.

    Last, it should be a design that you like. The necklace will have a dual function: It is mainly for baby’s entertainment while nursing but also adds a nice touch to an otherwise tiered mama’s wardrobe. This simple accessory can give your outfit a touch of glamour when out and about.

    What is your style?

    Nursing necklaces are great for the active breastfeeder and can be a life safer. Whether it’s a 4 month old who wants to twiddle the nipple or a toddler who’s doing acrobatics while nursing. The nursing necklace will keep your nursling distracted enough to continue to breastfeed, hopefully in a still position. Maybe mama can also lean back and relax a bit.

    There are many different necklace designs out there. So it won’t be difficult to find the one that fits your personality. Nursing necklaces are easily found online, these necklaces tend to be cost – effective. Therefore, you won’t be breaking the bank if you end up not liking it. You can choose to try out a few different variations.

    When your breastfeeding journey is over, this piece of jewelry will continue to have a life as an accessory. You can keep it around even when baby free, and that is the best part!

    Which necklace would you wear out in public?

      Get Started Breastfeeding Today!

      Save your time and sanity, by letting a seasoned breastfeeding mom share exactly what is needed to succeed.

      I want to help other moms just starting their breastfeeding journey by providing this personal breastfeeding toolkit.

      Download includes:

      • 19 Positive Breastfeeding Quotes to keep you going
      • 9 Breastfeeding Products that I recommend to all moms
      • 3 cute signs for privacy

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