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ameda finesse product review

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Shopping for the right breast pump is hard, especially when they can’t be tested before purchase. I ordered the Ameda Finesse Double Electric Breast Pump through my insurance and really enjoyed it.

Getting a good pump the first time is really helpful. The process of procuring the breast pump via your insurance can be tricky and buying out-of-pocket is expensive. Therefore, once you’ve received your breast pump the last thing on your mind is to replace it. 

Occasional or Exclusive Pumper?

Some background, I breastfed on demand but had a few work commitments during our son’s first 6 months of our son’s life. Therefore, I pumped quite regularly with my Ameda Finesse Double Electric Breast Pump during that time. I was teaching a 2-week course M-F which was 9am-4pm during the summer, then later the same year, I taught a full day once a week. It was an exhausting time!

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I brought my Ameda Finesse with me to school and pumped every 3 hours. I would bring it with me in the tote bag it came with. Inside I had everything I needed and because the pump is a closed system, it needed minimal cleaning.

Actually, I chose the Ameda Finesse Electric Breast Pump out of a list my insurance sent me. It came with a bunch of required accessories while the other pumps you had to purchase bottles, tote bag and cooler separately.

However, besides my say- so, let me share some tangible reasons why I recommend the Ameda Finesse to other mothers.

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Product Name: Ameda Finesse Double Electric Breast Pump

Cost: check here (check if you can get for free via insurance)

Personal Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Quick Summary: I breastfed on demand but used this breast pump regularly when working PT. This pump is practical in that it covered all my breast pumping needs. It also comes with all the necessary accessories that you’ll need so there are no other costs (except for batteries if you choose to use it without plugging it in). I am docking half a star simply because I wish it was a bit more attractive in its design.

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    My Experience Using the Ameda Pump

    I pumped only when I was away from my son during the first 6 months of his life. After that, we were able to supplement with table food so he drank less breast milk while I was gone and my breast stopped feeling engorged when missing breastfeeding sessions. (Our toddler still nurses at 2.5 years of age).

    There were two significant periods in which I pumped. First at 3 months old, when I taught a 2-week course. It required me to leave at 8am in the morning and I did not return until 5pm in the evening. Second, I taught a full day college class once a week. During that time my husband was home with our baby and fed him breast milk in bottle.

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    The amount of milk I pumped when at school was always enough for the following day. I did however pump a few bags of milk before the classes begun so that I always had the peace of mind that there was enough.

    Using the Ameda Finesse pump actually inadvertently increased my supply. I could tell because my breast would feel engorged more often and I struggled with clogged milk ducts during the time I pumped. Also, at the end of the two weeks I was producing more milk each day than when I started.

    4 Reasons Ameda Finesse is better than Medela In Style (Advanced) 

    Ameda’s main competition is the Medela brand (as well as the Spectra). Medela is a popular option among mothers mainly due to its simple 2 button system for let down and pumping, but also its notorious for having a particularly strong suction which some mothers feel yields better results. 

    When you look at their specifications between the Ameda Finesse and its competitor Medela In Style Advanced, I find that the Ameda is more successful in 4 main areas:

    1. Ameda is a closed system while Medela is an open system (can create mold if not properly cleaned).
    2. Ameda offers more control over speed & suction while Medela only has 2 settings.
    3. Ameda is much lighter at 1.1lbs instead of Medela’s 4.68lbs.
    4. Ameda requires 6 AA batteries while the Medela requires 8 AA batteries.

    Pros & Cons of the Ameda Finesse Double Electric Breast Pump

    Like every product, nothing is perfect. Despite not having any real issues with this pump I do have a few points to mention which could be approved upon. As you see though, my pro list is much longer than my con’s.

    The real con of this pump would be that its not fully silent. In a perfect world, mother’s should be offered a pumping room but the reality is that sometimes its not available and if you are pumping in a different setting, the noise might make you feel uncomfortable. 

    Although I mentioned requiring 6 AA batteries to work on the go, I was able to use the pump for a long time before needing to replace them. If you are pumping on a daily basis while only using batteries I would guess they’d need to be replaced once a month.

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    • Lightweight at only 1.1 lbs
    • Double Pump (pump both sides simultaneously)
    • Medical grade (same quality as the one you use in the hospital)
    • Parts are easily replaceable
    • Comes with all the accessories you will need
    • FDA approved to keep outside air and milk separated (closed system)
    • Speed and Suction use a dial system that allows for a fully customized experience
    • Comes with attachment to pump right into freezer bags.


    • Makes some noise while pumping
    • Not particularly pretty (in my opinion)
    • It’s expensive
    • Not clear if the Ameda Finesse has a car charger

    Ameda Finesse Breast Pump is the Perfect Go-to when On-the-Go

    The Ameda Finesse was everything I needed in order to provide breast milk for my baby when I was out of the house. It was light and easy to bring with me on my commute (I used public transportation) and since the pump is built on a closed system, it meant I only had to rinse the flanges and bottle.

    When looking at reviews online its worth mentioning that some mothers felt like the suction was not strong enough or that they preferred a model that didn’t allow for so many pumping options. 

    I know we are all different, but as I mentioned in the review, this pump increased my supply without even trying to and personally I enjoyed the pumping options. As long as you understand that you need a fast and light suction to start a let down and then a strong and slow suction during the let down, the scroll settings are not difficult at all to use.

    I hope this review was helpful and that you have a better idea if the Ameda Finesse Double Electric Breast Pump is a right fit for you!

      Get Started Breastfeeding Today!

      Save your time and sanity, by letting a seasoned breastfeeding mom share exactly what is needed to succeed.

      I want to help other moms just starting their breastfeeding journey by providing this personal breastfeeding toolkit.

      Download includes:

      • 19 Positive Breastfeeding Quotes to keep you going
      • 9 Breastfeeding Products that I recommend to all moms
      • 3 cute signs for privacy

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      1. Great blog entry. I am way beyond ever again breastfeeding but I will recommend Ameda Finesse to a coworker who I know is researching for a pump. I will be sure to mention the noise as I think that’s a valid point it can feel awkward. But as you said, not sure there is such a thing as a soundless pump.

        1. Hi Bibi. I’d definitely recommend this pump to your coworker. The medela is a good brand and has a model named Sonata that is known to be very silent. You can’t customize speed and strength as much as Ameda though.

      2. What strikes me is the give difference it is today when it comes to comparing different products on the webb, thinking back when Stephie was newborn and then a toddler the only way to find out what Product Will work best at the best price was to go from store to store a real time consumer. Mormor

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