Budget Friendly Breastfeeding Classes Online for New Moms

breastfeeding course online

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Benefit of breastfeeding classes

Most online sources will drill down the importance of taking breastfeeding and parenting classes while still pregnant. Although I agree that it’s important, many forget to mention that most parents will need that same information AGAIN once baby arrives, which is why I will share with you 9 budget friendly breastfeeding classes online. That way you can look at it today, but also in 3 months if needed.

When I was pregnant, my husband and I went to the obvious classes to prepare us for parenthood. We were so excited, but overwhelmed by all the information. We came home with a ton of print-outs that just piled up in a corner. The classes and resources I was exposed to after the birth of our baby Luca, were what really helped me. Reason being they were applicable at the moment. I could actually test out the instructions in real time, which helped so much with issues such at properly latching.

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    Get Started Breastfeeding Today!

    Save your time and sanity, by letting a seasoned breastfeeding mom share exactly what is needed to succeed.

    I want to help other moms just starting their breastfeeding journey by providing this personal breastfeeding toolkit.

    Download includes:

    • 19 Positive Breastfeeding Quotes to keep you going
    • 9 Breastfeeding Products that I recommend to all moms
    • 3 cute signs for privacy

    Breastfeeding Classes are Budget Friendly

    A lactation consultant can be pricey ranging from $150-$450 per session, that is why investing in a breastfeeding class online is a really smart way to get the most bang for your buck! These budget friendly breastfeeding courses range from $19-$99 and the wealth of knowledge is amazing. If you end up struggling with some very specific issues that an online course can’t resolve, then a lactation consultant is a great option and you can spend the time with them in a very focused way.

    Whether you choose to pay for a breastfeeding course or pick one of the free options, the information and videos will be accessible whenever you need them. Many of these courses will also share their list of breastfeeding essentials for new moms, such as preferred breast pump. They will also cover topics such as milk storage and how to mix breast milk with formula when needed.

    1. Simply Breastfeeding

    by:Cindy & Jana

    This highly qualified duo is a combo of registered nurse and board qualified lactation consultant. Over their career, they have worked with 30,000 families to help support mothers in their breastfeeding journey. This course with no doubt will give you both reliable information but also awesome breastfeeding hacks that only someone who has spent a career in the field would know about.

    14 Video Modules and downloadable guide

    • newborn behavior and breastfeeding
    • how to avoid sore nipples
    • breastfeeding positions
    • learn how to know if baby is getting enough milk
    • learn how to overcome most common breastfeeding problems
    • course covers the most commonly asked questions by new moms breastfeeding

    2. Breastfeeding Basics

    by: Lactation Link

    Lindsey Shipley is the founder of Lactation Link. Working as a Registered Nurse, Childbirth Educator, and IBCLC-certified Lactation Coach, she realized that we needed more support out there for new moms breastfeeding. Today Lactation Link is one of the most popular breastfeeding support platforms which offers online courses, in person / virtual consultations as well as a handful of useful webinar you can sign up for. 

    This Lactation Link course is perfect for the total beginner! Just as the title implies, the course covers all the basics of breastfeeding. Enrolling into this course will give you a great foundation of knowledge before baby arrives as well as the opportunity to revisit some more hands-on instructions when your baby has arrived.

    Main subjects covered in this course:

    • Benefits and anatomy of breastfeeding
    • Learn what let-downs are and why they are important
    • How to latch properly
    • Best positions for baby while breastfeeding
    • How to prevent sore nipples
    • Baby’s hunger cues

    3. Breastfeeding Hurdle’s and How To’s

    parents and new baby

    by: Lactation Link 

    This course perfectly complements the information from Breastfeeding Basics. It is also a good choice for the family who already has some knowledge and want to go more in depth in common breastfeeding struggles. Breastfeeding Hurdle’s and How To’s also stands out for their content relating to introducing solids, breastfeeding beyond infancy and weaning. 

    Main subjects covered in this course:

    • jaundice, thrush, mastitis and tongue-ties
    • pro’s and con’s of Nipple Shields
    • increasing milk supply, oversupply
    • slow weight gain
    • nursing strikes, biting
    • surgery, illness
    • caffeine/alcohol/medication consumption
    • breastfeeding the older baby
    • introducing solids

    4. Pumping & Storing Breast Milk

    by: Lactation Link 

    Pumping at some point has become the norm for the majority of lactating mothers. Whether you are building a freezer stash for date nights or exclusively pumping, this course will guide you on how to do so correctly. For example, it was weeks into pumping before I found out that you can have multiple let-downs during the same session. This little piece of information totally changed my pumping experience! 

    Main subjects covered in this course: 

    • How to work with your employer
    • How to get your free breastpump through your insurance
    • Pump parts
    • Maximizing milk expression
    • Introducing a bottle
    • Safe handling, storage, and warming guidelines for breastmilk
    • Managing our many roles as women
    • When and how to start building up a “freezer stockpile” of milk
    • Caregiver tips

    5. The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class

    by: Milkology 

    Stacey Stewart is certified lactation educator, breastfeeding mother of three and the founder of Milkology. Her back story is quite fascinating so I will share it here with you. In 2016 Stacey set out to create a lactation cookie company. Everything was going well until she realized that many of her customers were facing the same big dilemma. New mothers were buying her product in a desperate attempt to fix their low milk supply. At that moment she knew that these moms needed something else. They needed more easily accessible support in form of education. A year later she launched Milkology

    This is Milkology’s premium (and only) breastfeeding class. They also offer an online course for exclusively pumping as well as for mothers who are preparing to return to work. Together they create the perfect bundle for expecting moms. 

    Main subjects covered in this course: 

    • properties of breast milk and its benefits
    • understand your milk supply
    • latching and positioning
    • expressing and storing breast milk
    • diaper output and weight
    • various stages of breastfeeding
    • recommended products

    This Ultimate Breasttfeeding Class also comes with some Bonus material! When enrolling, you will have access to Stacey’s Ultimate Trouble Shooting Guide : Common Breastfeeding Issues (PDF), as well as her E book The Little Black Book of Breastfeeding Secrets.

      Get Started Breastfeeding Today!

      Save your time and sanity, by letting a seasoned breastfeeding mom share exactly what is needed to succeed.

      I want to help other moms just starting their breastfeeding journey by providing this personal breastfeeding toolkit.

      Download includes:

      • 19 Positive Breastfeeding Quotes to keep you going
      • 9 Breastfeeding Products that I recommend to all moms
      • 3 cute signs for privacy

      6. The Ultimate Exclusive Pumping Class

      the ultimate exclusive pumping class by milkology

      by: Milkology

      This is the first ever online course created for exclusively pumping, which makes Milkology a front runner in knowing what mothers need. Here you will learn everything you need to know about what life looks like for a mother who a chosen to exclusively pump because lets be honest: nursing is only easier if it works. 

      Main subjects covered in this course: 

      • Introduction to pumping
      • How to get your pump
      • Game changing products
      • Lactation explained
      • Get to know your pump
      • Breast milk storage
      • How to maximize milk expression 

      7. The Ultimate Back To Work Pumping Class

      the ultimate back to work pumping class

      by: Milkology

      This is the perfect course for mothers who are worried about juggling pumping at work and breastfeeding at home. After taking the Ultimate Back to Work Pumping Class you will feel secure about transitioning back to work, know how to keep you milk supply up and help your baby go from breast to bottle back to breast again. 

      Main subjects covered in this course:

      • Where and how to get your pump
      • Safe milk storage
      • How to build a freezer stash
      • Master your milk supply
      • Protect your milk supply 

      8. Breastfeeding 101

      By: Milky Mama

      Milky Mama was founded by Krystal Duhaney. She is a registered nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and breastfeeding mama of two. After successfully breastfeeding her two babies, she started to realize that the success rate for breastfeeding among black woman was pretty low. That is why she set out to create this course in an effort to reach an audience she felt needed additional support!

      What stands out in her course is that she is open to the fact that some families just don’t want to breastfeed. Her mission is to help her expectant mothers make an informed decision on what is best for them.

      Main subjects covered in this course: 

      • Benefits of Breastfeeding
      • Preparing for Breastfeeding
      • Breastfeeding Expactations
      • Understanding your Milk Supply

      Enrolling into this course will give you access to The Milky Mama private Facebook community, multiple printable guides and discounts on amazing baby products!

      9. The Ultimate Breastfeeding Bundle

      By: The Breastfeeding Mama

      Sign up Here for the free content mentioned in this video.

      The Breastfeeding Mama was created by another fabulous woman: Katie. She is a Lactation Certified Educations and a breastfeeding mother of 3. After having started a facebook breastfeeding support group in 2015, she quickly started to realized there were so many woman struggling with breastfeeding. She knew all too well the hurdles that can come with feeding your baby and wanted to do more. Katie decided her efforts were best spent creating a course that could support families at a larger scale.

      Katie offers 3 main courses that can also be purchased as a bundle: the Complete Breastfeeding Guide For New Moms (eBook), The Complete Breastfeeding Course (her signature product) as well as personal access to speak to Katie via her breastfeeding “warm line chat” which is included in this bundle for a period of time but can also be purchased as a separate monthly subscription.

      Main subjects covered in this course: 

      • Making the decision to breastfeed while weighing the pro’s and con’s
      • How to prepare for breastfeeding during pregnancy
      • What to Expect directly after birth (golden hour, latching, skin o skin, breastfeeding positions and more)
      • The first two weeks
      • Milk Supply and pumping
      • Common problems & special circumstances 

      Mama Question’s Recommendation for Breastfeeding Classes Online:

      For total beginners: Simply Breastfeeding by Cindy & Jana. All beginner courses will teach you the text book basics of breastfeeding, but it can’t substitute the knowledge that comes with a lifetime of working in the field of breastfeeding education. That is why Cindy & Jana would be the course I recommend expecting moms to take if they are new to breastfeeding. Together this duo have worked with over 30,000 families and I like it covers most commonly asked questions they’ve encountered during this time. ==> Enroll Here

      For seasoned moms: Breastfeeding Hurdle’s and How To’s by Lactation Link. This is the only course I’ve seen that is designed for moms who already have basic breastfeeding knowledge but want to learn more advanced topics. It goes more in depth on common struggles and gives a nice overview for someone who needs a refresher. ==> Enroll Here

      Pumping course: There are 3 pumping related courses listed here and I would recommend the Ultimate Back To Work Pumping Class by Milkology. Unless you are exclusively pumping, it is important to understand how to balance breastfeeding and pumping because our breast works on demand and supply and they can get confused when a pump is introduced. I always experienced clogged milk ducts when pumping and its because I did not have the right knowledge going into it. But you! ==> Enroll Here

      What I Wish I Had Known

      mama breastfeeding baby in bed
      Photo by NIKOLAY OSMACHKO from Pexels

      Its not uncommon finding yourself making major breastfeeding mistakes that result in a shorter feeding journey than you might have wanted. The free hospital courses out there are honestly hit or miss and even as a city living mom, it was really challenging finding out where I could go to learn about breastfeeding. 

      With the wake of online courses, breastfeeding awareness has been brought to families worldwide by a click of a button and at incredibly reasonable prices. I hope you enjoyed this budget friendly breastfeeding classes online for new moms and I wish you all the best if your baby feeding journey!!

      Breastfeeding Classes Online Will Become the New Norm

      Are you considering taking a breastfeeding class online? If you already have enrolled in one I’d love to hear which one it was in the comments below!

      ==>While you are here, go check out my Resource Page <==

      …to get the latest products from a breastfeeding mom who’s been there

        Get Started Breastfeeding Today!

        Save your time and sanity, by letting a seasoned breastfeeding mom share exactly what is needed to succeed.

        I want to help other moms just starting their breastfeeding journey by providing this personal breastfeeding toolkit.

        Download includes:

        • 19 Positive Breastfeeding Quotes to keep you going
        • 9 Breastfeeding Products that I recommend to all moms
        • 3 cute signs for privacy

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