Extended Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Quotes for Tough Days


Share with a Friend!14sharesShareTweetPinI love breastfeeding, but sometimes it can be straight out difficult. That is why having access to easy read breastfeeding quotes can do just the trick and encourage us to continue during those difficult times. The truth is ALL mamas struggle at some point during their breastfeeding journey, we might feel inadequate …

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Cavities, Breastfeeding and Dentists


Share with a Friend!5sharesShareTweetPinDentists will often say that nursing in general is not good for our toddler’s teeth because the milk in breastfeeding causes cavities.  In fact many mothers have been scolded by their kid’s dentists for night nursing beyond infancy with the implication that nursing is affecting their dental hygiene thus increasing their risk …

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5 Best Ways To Stop Toddler Twiddling


Share with a Friend!11sharesShareTweetPinTwiddling is one of those challenges that can get my blood to boil. I’ll admit that our breastfeeding journey has been quite easy, but oh man – breastfeeding a newborn was definitely less eventful! Toddlers come with a bucketful of fun surprises on a daily basis. To begin with, just as you …

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