DIY Breastfeeding Basket – The Ultimate List

DIY Breastfeeding Basket - The Ultimate List

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Make Your own Breastfeeding Basket 

A DIY breastfeeding basket is a essentially a hamper or container where you keep essential products in one place. When you sit down to nurse that lovely baby, all the essentials will be at arms reach making your life easier (which is all we really ask for right?).

There are breastfeeding baskets online that you can purchase with already sorted items. These are fun as you’ll discover new products, but I’ve found that they really don’t cover everything you need. That is why having a separate list with specific items can make us feel more prepared.

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Items to Put into a Basket for a New Breastfeeding Mama

I’ve divided this section into newborn products and newborn/toddler breastfeeding products. Reason being that there are a few age specific things you’ll need in the beginning of your breastfeeding journey.

Lets start off with a few cute basket ideas to put your new products in.

For the Newborn Mama:

Burp Cloths- we go through these so fast. Newborns spit up and drool sooooo much! You can never go wrong with the Burt’s Bee’s Baby brand! This is the one product that did not cross my radar when I was pregnant, but had to stock up quickly as soon as the baby came.

Nursing Cover- There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding in public (and showing some boob). If you are just starting off, or if you want to reduce possible distractions for your baby while outside, a nursing cover is great. I also like them because they fold up nicely into your bag and are easy to bring with anywhere.

Lactation Snacks- A great option to promote good milk flow, however snacks don’t necessarily have to be lactation specific. if you want to maintain an existing milk supply, its important to keep your blood sugar level consistent by having healthy snacks between meals. If you are struggling with low milk supply and you have ruled out issues latching, checking your hormonal levels is important. Certain foods stimulate the hormone prolactin and oxytocin which can help boost your supply.

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Nursing Wrist Band- I was surprised not see this product in any of the Etsy Baskets. When nursing a newborn it is common to nurse on one breast per session. A wrist band can help remind a mother which breast is next. What you do is look at your wrist band to know which breast to feed with. When baby is done, move the wrist band over to the other arm until next feeding session.

Nursing Breast Pads- There is a lot of leaking from the breast during the first months post-partum. Nursing pads are one of those products you can’t get away from purchasing. If you are making a gift I would suggest the reusable option for presentation but if its for yourself either can work. I personally used the disposable ones but if I were to do it all again I’d be more mindful of waste.

Nursing Necklace- These are made to help your baby focus on nursing when they get distracted. At around 4 months of age babies’ eye sight improves such that they become more aware of their environment. This can result in not wanting to nurse long enough as they get distracted. I have a really thorough guide on nursing necklaces to help you pick out the right one.

Boppy Pillow- This might not fit inside your basket, but should definitely be next to it. I love the Boppy Pillow so much I wrote a Product Review about it. This pillow is designed for feeding the baby and works for both breastfeeding and bottle feeding. It also works to prop baby while laying on back, then as support for baby during tummy time and later on to sit up when things are still wobbly. My son still has this pillow 2./5 years later, but now he sits on it inside his tent.

If you look up this pillow it comes in different models. I highly recommend getting the original model which you can read more about here.

For Both Newborn and Older Nursings:

Nursing Top- the right top can be a came changer. They are affordable and will be used a lot. It’s worth investing in nursing tops because pulling your shirt up over your breast will get old quickly. Pulling your shirt down from the neckline with stretch it out (yes this happened to me). I have been using these nursing tank tops since about 6 months in (when my mom got me a few) and ended up buying a ton more because of how much easier life was.

Cute Coffee Mug – Ok Guys. I admit it. I LOVE warm beverages. Personally Coffee is my number one, but hot chocolate and tea’s are just as awesome. I got myself a mug with a cute mom meme and I still smile every morning when drinking from it 2.5 years later. Below is not the exact one I got but is one I would choose if getting a second cup.

Water Bottle – It is so important to drink a lot of water while breastfeeding (and in geneal). Add a bottle to your basket that is easy to drink from one handed and preferably one with an incorporated straw for minimal spills. The one I listed below meets all the criteria for the perfect nursing water bottle. I’d have 2-3 water bottles in various areas of the house, that way you are not running around with a hungry baby in arm looking for it.

Bluetooth Headphones: I started looking at TV shows on my phone while my baby slept in my arms after a nursing session. The cord of the headphones was a huge problem if we were laying in bed because as baby moved around, especially when we rolled over to feed from the other side, the chord would get tangled. Switching to bluetooth headphones was awesome and I really recommend this for everyone. Below are 2 options of headphones. I started with the cheap version and then upgraded to a nicer sound, but either are solid options.

Its all about Trial and Error

Breastfeeding is all about trial and error. You can most definitely take e a breastfeeding class a head of time, but when everything is said and done, you will stumble upon unexpected circumstances. The same goes with products. These are the basics, however as you continue your breastfeeding journey, the basket’s supplies might change to better fit your specific needs.

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