Paper Plate Easter Activities for 2-3 year old’s

paper plate activities easter

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toddler making easter craft

I am not a crafty type. Or at least that is what I tell myself. The idea of doing crafts with my 2-3 year old feels overwhelming. From knowing what items to buy, to trying to follow instructions with an impatient toddler. That is why I picked Easter activities for 2-3 year old’s that involved paper plates.

Paper plates can produce a variety of Easter characters and are a great way for beginners to embark onto crafting with their child. I have to admit. I had fun, my toddler had fun and we ended up with decorations that can be saved among our family memories.

Easter Activities Perfect for 2-3 Year Old’s

These 3 paper plate Easter activities for 2 year old’s require no prep and can be reinterpreted in many ways, let your kiddo’s imagination go wild.

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All three Easter crafts activities use: Dot Markers, Paper glue, Paper plates, Colored paper, Googly eyes, Colored feathers, glittery ribbon , a Black sharpie and Toddler scissors. I had also bought pom-pom balls but ended up not using them. I do think you could use them though if desired. The issue is that they are hard to glue.

1. Easter Chicken

This craft requires no prep whatsoever. Just bring out the supplies and have fun with your toddler!



step 1. Fold a paper plate in half.

step 2. Color as desired on both sides.

step 3. Add googly eyes and a small triangle beak for face.

step 4. Apply glue to a different area of the chicken in order to add feathers. I find that the location doesn’t really matter.

step 5. This is extra but my son really loved the blue sparkly ribbon we bought and had a ton of fun adding it to his chicken.

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2. Easter Bunny that rocks

If your toddler has a very short attention span for crafts, glue the body of the bunny ahead of time.



Bunny Body:

step 1. Color the paper plate in any way you like and cut in half.

step 2. Fold half the paper plate again and glue the edges. You can also add some more color to the edges if they seem too bare. At this time it is a good idea to place something heavy (like a book) on it and let it dry a few minutes.

Bunny Ears:

step 3. While the plate is drying, cut out bunny ears with the other half of the paper plate. Fold it and cut out bunny shape ears so you have two identical ears.

step 4. Do the same step but with your pink construction paper but make them smaller.

step 5. Glue all together. Make sure to leave space at the bottom of the ears to glue to bunny body.

Bunny Face:

step 6. Glue two googly eyes to the bunny

step 7. With the folded strip of pink paper, cut out an imperfect circle (eyeball it) and glue it as nose.

step 8. Using the sharpie, add whiskers and mouth. Extra: Take 2″ of glittery ribbon and fold and glue across ears.

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3. Easter Paper Plate Basket for 2-3 year old’s

This is the most involved of all three paper plate crafts for Easter. It doesn’t need any prep but has a few extra pieces to make.


1 Paper plate

2 6″x6″ piece of Colored paper (orange and pink)

Toddler scissors

1 10″x10″ sheet of Colored paper (green)

6″ Glittery ribbon

5-7 Colored feathers


step 1. Draw a line across the center of the plate then cut out a window in the shape of a half moon.

step 2. Trace your paper plate on a green sheet of paper and cut it out in the shape of your plate.

step 3. color plate with dot markers (let your toddler go wild!)

step 4. Cut out 4 egg shapes. 2 large and 2 small (I used orange and pink paper)

step 5. Add a line of glue a bit below the center of your green circle paper and apply a handful of feathers. (tip: make sure the feathers are not too high up. place paper plate above to check their height in regards to the opening).

step 6. Glue larger eggs behind the feathers.

step 7. Cut a rectangle to apply as toddler’s name to basket. I used orange paper and cut out a 3 1/2″x 1″ rectangle from the left over paper. Glue and right name with sharpie.

step 8. Glue the smaller eggs to the back side of your paper plate (tip: don’t center them). Add strips of glitter ribbon as desired.

Keep it simple for you and your toddler.

Imperfection make for perfect memories, so don’t fret over what your craft looks like. Also, it is totally normal for your 2-3 year old not to have the attention span to sit for this whole activity. Lets them run back and forth, and keep it light. The memory is what really matters and not that perfect Instagram picture. As a beginner myself, I found that these Easter activities for 2-3 year old’s were a perfect ice breaker for future crafty fun!

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