Healthy Snacks for Breastfeeding – 13 Crate Joy Options you will LOVE


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Disclosure: Some articles on this site may contain affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Mama Questions may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Snacking is good for Breastfeeding

A major ingredient to breastfeeding is that mothers eat healthy, because their milk production contains traces of those foods and can also impact milk supply. Having healthy snacks for breastfeeding is a great way to boost that already powerful liquid gold, while maintaining your blood sugar level. Therefore, I am sharing 13 unique healthy snack subscription boxes from CrateJoy that will keep the snacks coming and that milk flowing.

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Disclosure: Some articles on this site may contain affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Mama Questions may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

What is Crate Joy

Crate Joy is a platform for customized subscription boxes. It is similar to Etsy in that Crate Joy itself doesn’t create subscription boxes, instead it’s a platform for small-medium size businesses to sell their own subscription boxes. 

When you are in that foggy midst of postpartum life, everything feels hectic. Both you and your partner are trying to figure out this new norm and the focus is seldom on the mother’s well-being (unfortunately). The healthy snack boxes from Crate Joy are perfect for the postpartum mother because it offers a selection of products that both she and her family can eat guilt-free so that mama can focus on the newest addition.

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6 Types of Healthy Snacks for Breastfeeding

I did an extensive search of all healthy snack for breastfeeding on Crate Joy and reviewed their offerings as well as customer reviews. I started with 19 options but narrowed it down to the 13 best. Below are listed all in order of 6 different snack types: Classic (general healthy without diet restrictions), keto friendly, allergy conscious, low carb, vegan life and paleo friendly. All options, regardless of preferred lifestyle are a great option for mothers to keep a healthy milk supply.

  1. SnackSack (classics)
  2. HealthyMe Living (classics)
  3. Snack Pray Love (classics)
  4. Gifts Designed for You (classics)
  5. Zestbox (classics)
  6. Snackboon (classics)
  7. Sugar Smart Box (keto friendly)
  8. Num-Nums MunchBox (allergy conscious)
  9. Sleek Treat (low carb)
  10. Elevate. Snack Box (vegan life)
  11. The Studifuel Box (vegan life)
  12. Vegancuts (vegan life)
  13. Paleo Maileo (paleo friendly)

Classics Snacks


One of the most popular snack boxes on Crate Joy based on number of reviews listed. SnackSack comes in 4 options: classic, vegan, gluten free and v+g. I highly recommend getting either the vegan or the classic box because many gluten options are good for milk supply. However, any of these snacks are a good addition to mama’s diet. SnackSack offers 11-15 pieces of snacks every month and are themed based on the season or holiday. 

This box is great for the breastfeeding mother because they are healthy and you get a good amount of options.

pro: great mix of sweet and savory! 

con: be mindful of peppermint snacks as they show up on holidays and are not great for milk supply.

HealthyMe Living

What makes this box stand out is that the snacks are curated by a holistic health coach. I found their company online and the owner herself is a holistic health coach AND a mama to two sweet girls! Each box comes with 7-10 individually wrapped items for a no mess breastfeeding snack on the couch. 

This box is great for the breastfeeding mother because it is curated by a holstic health coach.

pro: designed by another mother and holistic health coach.

con: not customizable for dietary restrictions.

Snack Pray Love

Designed by an MD that specializing in brain injury medicine, this box is full of yummy brain boosting snacks. The box description doesn’t specify what foods boost the brain, but a quick google search gave me a nice idea of what to expect: leafy greens, berries, dark chocolate, green tea. What sets this box apart is that it comes with brain exercises and recipes. 

This box is great for the breastfeeding mother, because we definitely need more brain power during those exhausting postpartum months.

pro: you can request the box to be customized for dietary restrictions.

con: it’s quite expensive compared to some other options.

Gifts Designed for You

Despite the confusing name of the box, it is a “snacks only” subscription which offers a mix of 12 healthy and semi-healthy options each month. This is perfect if you enjoy the variety and surprise of a subscription box but don’t mind the extra indulgence. Despite the semi-healthy description, it is curated with high quality products and great flavors. 

This box is perfect for the breastfeeding mama because the extra indulgence makes everyone happy!

pro: good number of snacks for a competitive price

con: has no reviews yet.


This box stands out from other boxes for a few reasons: first of all it comes with a variation of healthy snacks AND ingredients to make quick & easy meals. That is music to mama’s ears! Then, the box comes with either 13 or 20 items depending on which size you order, that is a lot compared to a few that offer 5-8 items. 

Zestbox donates 2% of its profits to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (children’s cancer). What better way to enjoy snacks while knowing you are supporting an important cause! Last, each month the box is curated based on a theme which can be food based themes or seasonal themes. 

This box is great for the breastfeeding mother because it has both snacks and small easy to prepare meals

pro: each month is themed which makes this box extra fun.

con: ingredients for small meals might not make sense for your family.


Customization is taken to a whole new level! At the time of subscription you will share what your current favorite snacks are and Snackboon will curate a box of healthy snacks personalized to you. That is so cool! 

The price is still very competitive to some others listed snack subscriptions. The box is a bright yellow that will turn any tiered mama frown upside down. 

It is not clear how many snacks are provided but per the image I counted at least 10 good size packaging. 

This box is great for the breastfeeding mother as it has the highest level of customization available on Crate Joy.

pro: great level of customization while allowing still for an element of surprise.

con: only has one client review. 

Keto Friendly Snacks

Sugar Smart Box

Here we focuse on a keto diet which is made up of ingredients that are high fat, medium protein and low carb and sugar. Breastfeeding mothers are not supposed to “diet” in form of weightloss, but these snacks are a great addition to an already balanced diet. Protein is directly linked to the production of breast milk as well. Each box comes with 7+ items.

This box is great for the breastfeeding mother because it’s packed with protein and grains.

pro: good variety of snacks that focuses on being flavorful despite low in sugar.

con: 7 pieces of snacks won’t last a month.

Allergy Conscious Snacks

Num-Nums MunchBox

A great option for the mother with food allergies. Pick between 3 sizes (I’d go big for 20-23 snacks) and then choose which foods you want to avoid in your box. Num-Num’s will cater each month to your specific allergies! 

They focus on variety and will expose you to a number of hard to find snacks that meet your dietary needs. 

This box is great for the breastfeeding mother who wants to snack but has allergies OR if baby has a dairy sensitivity (which is common) you can choose products without dairy!

pro: choose which allergens to avoid in check out process 

con: some reviews state brands are more common than expected 

Low Carb Friendly Snacks

Sleek Treat

Focuses on low sugar treats that satisfy your sweet tooth. Perfect for the mama who wants to watch her sugar intake or is diabetic. There are 3 size options ranging from 3-9 products. Low sugar sweets can be difficult to find and this box has you covered with all imaginable brands. 

This box is perfect for the breastfeeding mother who wants to watch her sugar but doesn’t want artficial sweeteners.

pro: no high-fructose corn syrup, aspartame or sucralose are used

con: if you prefer savory, this box focuses on sweet snacks 

Vegan Life Snacks

Elevate. Snack Box

12 color filled snacks inside onemonthly box that focuses on a vegan lifestyle. That means that all snacks are plant based with many high protein options. The presentation of this box is beautiful which might seem like an unimportant detail, but moms need all the feel good energy they can get. I beautiful presentations sends the message: “life is beautiful and you are doing great!” 

This box is great for the breastfeeding mom due to its large assortment of snack options and feel good packaging.

pro: Vegan snacks are packed with good nutrients. 

con: Some reviews wished there were more protein in the chosen snacks.

The Studifuel Box

Although this box focuses on student college life, it is still a box full of tasty and healthy snacks benefit a breastfeeding mama and her milk supply. 

You will receive 10-12 items that are vegan and vegetarian. Brands are chosen with care and are all ethical. Each box will include vitamins and teas as well as recipe cards for easy budget friendly meals (perfect!). 

This box is great for the breastfeeding mama because it has a great variation of sweet, savory and teas to keep your mind and soul happy.

pro: box offers a lot of variation.

con: ships from UK so might be added shipping charges.


A long-standing company that prides itself in finding vegan products you might never have heard of before. Box comes with 10+ items for vegan snacking. 

Boxes include snacks, meals and drinks. Despite having few reviews on Cratejoy, they have an independent website as well. Vegancuts also offers a omnthly BeautyBox which are sourced from cruelty free companies. 

This box is perfect for the breastfeeding mother because vegan snacks are protein filled. 

pro: great balance of sweet & savory

con: includes some meal prep items, which might not be what breastfeeding mama want out of a snack box.

Paleo Friendly Snacks

Paleo Maileo

Snacks following a Paleo diet are dairy and gluten free. Although many forms of gluten are good for breastfeeding, Paleo can offer a nice variation to your snacking routine. 

Paleo Maileo’s subscription box offers brands you probably haven’t seen before at your local grocery store, making it a fun little treat for your breastfeeding sessions. 

This box is perfect for the breastfeeding mother because Paleo avoids processed foods.

pro: no processed foods

con: pretty expensive

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Do you want Healthy Snacks for Breastfeeding?

Well that is a question that has different answers depending on your personality and general food preferences. I was hesitant at first to add snack boxes from popular weightloss diets because the last thing a breastfeeding mother should worry about is losing weight. Actually, breastfeeding mothers are recommended to eat an extra 300-500 calories a day in order to account for the production of breastmilk.

After looking at the products in the boxes I chose to list them due to their health beenfits. It became clear that although they are advertised for diets, the snacks themselves are just a selection of healthy eating options catered. As a breastfeeding mother, the best thing you can do for your milk supply is eat a balanced diet which makes these boxes all a great option!

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If I had to pick one box though, I would get a monthly subscriptionn with Elevate. Snack Box. I am not vegan, but I like the assortment of snacks offered, it has good reviews and the box is beautifully displayed. (Yes, presentation is a big deal for me. You eat with your eye first!) 

I hope you enjoyed all these healthy snacks for breastfeeding and that you will try one of the 13 CrateJoy boxes for your snacking needs!

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  1. These are great suggestions! I’ve been looking for some healthy snacks for during the day, and love trying new things. I’m really interested in the customization offered by Snackboon, in particular. I think I’ll have to give one or two of these a try. And I’ll definitely share this article with my super health-conscious friend who’s breastfeeding and could use some new ideas!

    1. thanks Jane! Snackboon is really neat! Also, I can’t get over how feel good that yellow color of the box is. Definitely would make my day 😉 If you get it I’d love to hear back from you and know your thoughts. Thanks for sharing with your friends.

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