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monthly subscription boxes for families

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What is CrateJoy

CrateJoy is similar to Etsy, in that you find uniquely themed products for everyone in your life. It is a platform that showcases and sells their subscription boxes by individual companies. Most boxes are small businesses that put their heart and soul into catering a beautiful and meaningful experience for their customers. This is why I’ve chosen to feature them with a guide of 62 unique monthly subscription boxes for families.

When you buy from CrateJoy, you are also supporting small businesses worldwide. 

The website caters to all imaginable interests. Anything you can think of, CrateJoy has the box for you. In fact, it is really hard to narrow down the best boxes because I just WANT THEM ALL!!

The subscription is recurring but without a contract. Therefore, you can select a box to receive recurrently or as a gift and choose to send the box only once. 

Crate Joy is the middle person

Supporting small businesses is something many of us want to do, but the internet has a ton of scam to be aware of. It is easy to shy away from sharing our personal information with an unfamiliar website.

With the rise of companies such as PayPal and Apple Pay, paying online has become safer, however, having an umbrella company like CrateJoy vet companies before you purchase is a second layer of protection.

Without CrateJoy, you need to search for subscription boxes on Google. If you have tried this before, you will know it can be quite difficult to know what is out there. Searching for subscription boxes on CrateJoy however will lead you to innumerable options in one place and save you a ton a time. 

Why Everyone is Ordering Subscription Boxes and You should Too!

With the availability of unlimited internet, online shopping has exploded. That means that there’s a sea of products we can purchase at the tip of our fingers.

I think we really do get decision fatigue by having so much to choose from. It is overwhelming! That is why subscription boxes have become so popular. We are letting someone who is the expert in the field pick and choose the best products for our families, so we don’t have to.

The nice thing about monthly subscription boxes rather than purchasing objects singularly is the element of surprise. All you have to do is pick a box within a niche whose boxes look compelling and then sit back and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep. 

Pick the Category You are Interested In and Lean Back

I have gone through the CrateJoy platform and looked for specific categories of subscription boxes that I think are relevant for moms and their families. When doing my research, I made sure to read both the best and worst reviews so I only picked subscription boxes that others also liked.

The 5 categories I looked at are healthy snacks, self care and books, fitness, toys & education and pregnancy. I couldn’t believe it when I totaled the number of reviews to be 64 different subscription boxes! 

1. Healthy Snacks for the Breastfeeding and the Family

Healthy Snacks for Breastfeeding – 13 CrateJoy Options you will LOVE 


I did an extensive search of all healthy snack for breastfeeding on Crate Joy and reviewed their offerings as well as customer reviews. I started with 19 options but narrowed it down to the 13 best. Below are listed all in order of 6 different snack types: Classic (general healthy without diet restrictions), keto friendly, allergy conscious, low carb, vegan life and paleo friendly. All options, regardless of preferred lifestyle are a great option for mothers to keep a healthy milk supply.

2. Self Care & Books for Mom and Dad

What to Gift a Teacher in 2021 – Your Search Can End Here 


Although this list is titled for Teachers, the products listed are all for self care and exploring new book titles (chapter books). This makes it a great option for either mom and dad. Self care is one of the more popular categories on the market for subscription boxes, alongside food and fashion, so this is a post you do not want to miss!

Also, one of the subscription boxes on this list is highly recommended and featured by the Oprah Magazine. So there is that too.

3. Working Out & Fitness

Get a Workout Subscription Box from CrateJoy- 11 best offers

WODBOM workout subscription box

Every year millions of people promise themselves they’ll get healthier and lose weight. As a matter of fact, it’s the most common new year resolution in the world. Unfortunately most people fall back to old ways quickly because staying consistent when forming a new habit can be hard. 
That is why monthly subscription boxes for fitness can be so helpful. They help people like you and me stay on track with our health goals, especially if you choose to recurring subscription.

These boxes will get you excited about that next work out session, remind you that eating healthy can be easy with quick recipe tips and send you apparel so you can feel chick at the same time.

4. Toys and Educational Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

17 Best CrateJoy Subscription Boxes for Toddlers in 2021 

17 Best CrateJoy Subscription Boxes for Toddlers in 2021

I have never met someone busier than my 2.5 year toddler Luca. He will play nonstop all day long and I basically have to wrestle him to bed for naps and at night. Anyone else?

Keeping toddlers occupied can be exhausting, so getting some inspiration every month can help. Subscribing to a monthly box catered to your toddler’s developmental stage will take some guess work out of your daily activities and help you with that mental load. 

Most children families have a ton of toys already, but wouldn’t it be nice to be surprised with something new and educational for your little one every month without lifting a finger? These boxes will send you all the supplies and directions you need to enjoy a handful of projects that will get your child learning about topics such as S.T.E.A. M, sensory play, seasonal traditions and exploring books.

The above list of subscription boxes are perfect for families with children between the age of 2-8. However, the majority focus on the preschool years.

5. Awesome Pregnancy Boxes for Mom

13 Unique Pregnancy Subscription Boxes – CrateJoy

13 Unique Pregnancy Subscription Boxes (2021) - CrateJoy

Pregnancy is such a special time in a woman’s life although how we feel varies greatly from woman to woman. That is why mom-to-be needs extra pampering, so anything that can keep you comfortable and happy during those 9 months is highly encouraged.

Regardless of whether you are loving pregnancy or feeling like death every day, receiving a box that pampers you is such a treat. It gets everyone excited about the soon to come bundle of joy and fuels that burning nesting sensation many moms get.

I would have totally done this if I knew about subscriptions boxes back in 2018 when I was pregnant.

Which Box Do You Want?

So you want to try out a subscription box and wondering which one is right for each person in your family. Maybe your husband wants a work out box, while you’d love some healthy snack options at home. Your toddler loves the sensory play box while your middle schooler would love the unicorn themed box (this would have been my go-to, as a young horse-loving girl).

CrateJoy is home to a hundred’s of subscription boxes, and picking one that you’ll enjoy can feel overwhelming. I hope this guide can help save you time and money.

Which Guide Is Most Interesting to You?

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6 thoughts on “62 Unique Monthly Subscription Boxes For Families – CrateJoy”

  1. I love subscription boxes and have gifted them several times but I have never tried CrateJoy. Thank you for the tip – I will defiantly check them out!

    1. for sure! they are platform that houses many different smaller companies. Basically Etsy for subscription boxes. It was a lot of fun putting together these lists. So many interesting ideas!!! You should check out the fitness boxes because they have a few that for hiking and just generally getting out of the house which I know you really like. In Particular the Wild Woman Box. Here is my review:https://tmpmamaquestions.siterubix.com/a-workout-subscription-box-from-cratejoy/ or go directly to cratejoy

  2. Interesting enough the idea of subscribing to a box that has a specific Theme with different products each delivery, its unheard of where I come from in Sweden. Hope it Will be available here real soon cause I love the health and exercis boxes!

    1. I would double check that nettan because many boxes on CrateJoy ship from England and the majority of the USA ones ship world wide. I bet you could subscribe to a box of your liking just like the meal delivery ones.

  3. I will definitely both subcribe a box to myself (inspired by your selfcare article Stephie:-) and also keep this in mind as a fantastik gift alternative to my loves ones!

    1. I have been reading a lot of self care recently. I am also taking a 30 day business challenge with a coach that integrated selfcare very eloquently into the challenge. I think especially now as a parent self care is harder but also more important as we are spread thin on a daily basis. Let me know what subscription box you choose (even if its not from this post). If you like it maybe I’ll try it too 🙂

      I actually think you should try to fashion subscription boxes. I know you really enjoy new fresh clothing. there are great boxes that will send you a monthly outfit!

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