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about me


I am Stephanie Surjan and I am a Toddler Mama who wants to help you reconnect with your toddler via Gentle Parenting.

Actually, my full name if you’d take into consideration my maiden name is Stephanie Siw Maurizia Hjelte Fumanelli. That’s right, two of everything! That’s what happens when you are born into an unconventional family and your parents can’t agree on what to name you.

My Story

When I was pregnant I had no idea how complicated parenting would be.

I had clear ideas of all the fun memories I wanted to create with our soon to be son, but I was in no way prepared on how to handle the messy, loud, poop filled moments that make up most of parenting a toddler.

I figured once our baby was born I would figure it out as we went. And that is exactly what we did. Luckily I grew up in a family that predisposed me to the psychology of behavior and so when my then 13 months old went full on toddler mode on me, I was very comfortable researching the parenting tools I knew I was lacking.

Now I want to share the tips and tricks I have learned that really has catapulted my parenting skills. My goal is to help other mothers who want to do better, but don’t know where to start.

Check below some favorites of Mama Questions and then don’t forget to grab your free guide to Toddler Parenting Books That Changed My Life! (+1 free audible book link).

Favorites Mama Question Blog Posts:

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Toddler Parenting Books That Changed My Life

I am sharing the 5 books that made me see my toddler’s behavior in a whole new light.

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