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I am Stephanie Surjan and I am a Breastfeeding Mama.

Actually, my full name if you’d take into consideration my maiden name is Stephanie Siw Maurizia Hjelte Fumanelli. That’s right, two of everything! That’s what happens when you are born into an unconventional family and your parents can’t agree on what to name you.


When I was pregnant I remember my father’s partner really pushing me to breastfeed. You could tell she felt strongly about it and this scared me a bit. 

I kept on telling them “we will see….” because all the reading I had done was leading me to believe that breastfeeding was a skill you either had or not.

I figured once our baby was born I would find out if I had the “required skills” to breastfeed. Nothing I read said that with the right support anyone can enjoy this life changing bond with your baby. 

I was super lucky that our breastfeeding journey started smoothly because I really had no experienced support. We have now passed 2.5 years of breastfeeding with the hope to self wean but regardless I am so proud of us.

A Funny Breastfeeding Story

When Luca was maybe 3 months I was in downtown Chicago just me and my newborn running some errands.

Because it was very busy that day with many people and cars, I had Luca in a front carrier with this nursing cover over him to dampen some of that outside noise.

An older couple pass me by from behind and the women turns to me and says with a happy exclamation: “wow! that is amazing that you are walking around and breastfeeding at the same time!”

I thought to myself, wow that would be amazing.

Unfortunately I had to confess that I was just carrying him, but added (proudly) that I have breastfed while walking in our neighborhood sometimes!


It just amazes me how little education we get on breastfeeding. You can easily find literature on a small niche within breastfeeding, but if you are actually struggling, not many mamas are aware of the support system that is in place through multiple non for-profit organizations.

Every time a friend has a baby and I hear that they “couldn’t breastfeed” I get sad. Not because formula is bad (I feed my toddler Mc Donald’s sometimes, who am I to judge?), but because unknowingly they gave up too early. They are now missing out on a once in a lifetime experience.

Breastfeeding is not just another meal for the baby, it is a way of life; it is connection; it is safety, love and closeness all in one. Consequently, it becomes the underlying foundation of your relationship with your child.


This blog was created to educate, share and make you laugh but also pick you up when you are struggling. I am here to help support all women who decide that breastfeeding is a decision, instead of leaving it up to fate.

On this blog you will find Informational posts for various stages of breastfeeding, product suggestions for both mama and child. I also share little glimpses of what my experience has been breastfeeding Luca.

In hindsight, I can now completely relate to the urgency experienced by my father’s partner. I feel that same excitement and push to help other women to breastfeed too, because the rewards you and your baby reap are bountiful! 

Breastfeed away!

Stephanie Surjan | Founder of Mama Questions 

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