Nespresso Vertuo Espresso Coffee Maker Review – A Mother’s Best Friend


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Treat yourself to a simpler way of drinking of coffee 

Parents deserve a good cup of coffee

As busy parents, the Nespresso Vertuo Espresso / Coffee maker has become a staple in our household. One thing many parents have in common is that they are tired, therefore several cups of coffee a day is often a must! Children are so much fun and their laughter and energy can really brighten the room, but it is a lot of work looking after these small people. 

Lets be honest, kids can run circles around us all day long so having a quick and easy way to get that cup of coffee allows us to use our energy strategically like making sure our kiddo isn’t getting into that box of old photographs! 

Product Name: Nespresso VertuoLine Espresso and Coffee Machine

Cost : $159.96 (with Amazon Prime) otherwise $179.99

Personal Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Quick Summary: The Nespresso Vertuo Products are the only capsule coffee models within the brand that offers both espresso and brewed coffee within its capsule system (5 different cup sizes total). It is easy to use, aesthetically pleasing and offers 30+ flavors of coffee to choose from. VertuoLine is the first of this type and has become very popular due to how user friendly it is.

I was ready to simplify my coffee making experience

I purchased the Nespresso VertuoLine in February 2020 after years of making espresso with a traditional stove top espresso maker. (My dad is Italian so I was introduced to this way of life early on). 

As a toddler mom, I was struggling to keep after my almost 2 year old, and really wanted to treat myself to something that would make my days easier. 

I was tired of the whole procedure around cleaning and filling and waiting for the coffee to be ready. On top of that I also had to make sure my toddler didn’t go near the stove while it was on. 

My dad had recently made the move over to a Nespresso machine so after trying his for a few weeks I knew that this was something that would make my life easier at home.

My dad’s Nespresso machine only made espresso size coffee and I was curious if the company offered larger cup sizes. I found out that the Vertuo Espresso & Coffee machine did just that and ended up buying the VertuoLine model due to it’s capability to make both 8oz & 14oz coffees (brewed) as I am more of a café’ latte type of girl. 

Since the Vertuo Model is on the expensive side, you might be looking for some additional details to ensure that it’s worth the money. You can read my personal review below. (quick answer = yes it’s totally worth it!)

VertuoLine offers both espresso & brewed coffee 

The VertuoLine was introduced in January 2017 as an effort by part of Neapresso Company to appeal to American’s desire for larger cups of coffee. Before this model Nespresso machines only produced espresso which are smaller, but with the launch of the Verruo Machine, customers could now make both brewed and espresso in the same coffee machine. 

Difference between espresso and brewed coffee

The main difference between espresso and coffee is the process of roasting the beans and how they are ground. The beans themselves are the same. 

Espresso beans are ground finer which requires more pressure by part of the machine to push the water through. Consequently, you receive a stronger tasting cup in small proportions. With brewed coffee the grinding is more coarse which means that the water won’t absorb as much of the beans themselves, producing a longer cup that is not too strong.

Features to emphasize

  • Perfectly practical system The Vertuo machine features a used capsule container where it automatically ejects the capsules into it once you open the top lid. The water container (which can hold 60oz) and the capsule container look the same which stays intone with the sleek design of the machine. 
  • Adjustable cup holder. An important component for those families who drink both brewed coffee and espresso is that the cup holder can be adjusted to a mid height bringing your espresso cup closer to the nozzle and decreasing potential splatter.
  • It’s on the larger size. The machine is on the larger size, so you want to ensure there is space on your kitchen counter. The good part though that it’s sleek modern colors together with it’s rounded edges complement any type of kitchen. I promise it will become a conversation started when you have guests over. 
  • 5 different coffee sizes. The Vertuo Machine is the only line by nespresso that offer 5 different size cups of coffee, 
    • Single 1.35oz
    • Double 2.7oz
    • Gran Lungo 5oz
    • Coffee 8oz
    • Alto XL 14oz

I like things to be easy. I am busy, my toddler is non-stop and my to do list is endless so if I can push one button instead of two I will. 

That is why I love capsule coffee. It’s literally one press of a button and 60sec later my cup is filled to the brim and the kitchen smells like happiness and comfort. 

What about the other Vertuo Models?


You might have noticed there are newer models of the Vertuo Machine, namely VertuoPlus, VertuoNext and VertuoNew. The only main difference between the successors to the VertuoLine is that the process of opening and closing the top lid is motorized. For the VertuoLine you have to manually open and close it. (in other words, they are basically the same).

Personally I will always opt for machinery that have less motorization. Reason being that it’s just one more thing that could stop working.

You will also notice the sizes are slightly different and so are the designs so it really comes down to which one you think is aesthetically more pleasing for your home. 

Do I need the Aeroccino?


I would skip this accessory and this is from someone who LOVES frothed milk! The crème from the coffee machine is so good that I don’t feel the need to add frothed milk to it. Yes it’s a bit less froth when you only have the crème, but it is just so dense that I don’t miss the froth at all (and I don’t have to clean out the frother). 

Capsule flavors 

Capsules for this line are new, they have a bar code on the rim of the capsule that gets read by the machine. This is what tells the machine the exact settings to use for the size capsule you’ve inserted. 

If you are worried about these different capsules not providing enough flavors to pick from I will ease your mind now. With 30+ flavored coffees to pick from you are bound to find the chosen one and if you are like me, once you find the winner it becomes a staple in the household. My go to capsule is the Melozio. Nespresso describes it as smooth & balanced, I like this one because it gives me a nice kick without be too strong in it’s flavor.

The Pros & Cons

Although I love making coffee with my Nespresso machine I will be real with you. Nothing is ever 100% perfect. So while I have shared many reasons why this product is very well-made, I want share some cons that I have experiences so far so that you can get the full picture.


  • Fills the correct amount of coffee for the capsule and will stop on it’s own.
  • Capsules are easy to buy via Amazon and prime shipping.
  • Choose 5 different coffee sizes made to perfection.
  • Aesthetically beautiful to display in the kitchen. 
  • 30+ flavors to pick from (including decaf)
  • Creates a magnificent layer of creme every time. 


  • If your kitchen is small it takes up a lot of space.
  • Capsules from older Nespresso machines are not compatible.
  • Capsules are advertised as recyclable but it’s not very clear how to properly dispose. 
  • For decaf drinkers: there is only one flavor of decaf. 

Lets Sum it up!


The pro’s outweigh the cons and I absolutely don’t regret adding the VertuoLine Espresso Coffee machine to my kitchen appliances. It is probably the appliance that gets most mileage in our home.

With multiple flavors to pick from, you will find your go to capsule and easily order it when running low (offered by Amazon Prime). Although the Vertuo machine is on the larger size, keep in mind that each square inch is accounted for in the design. 

If you like larger cups of coffee, the Vertuo models are a plus. Other Nespresso models only offer espresso and your larger cup won’t fit. Although the 5oz, 8oz and 14oz are not the traditional espresso (brewed coffee), it tastes just like a café latte you’d get at the coffee shop. Maybe even better! 

If you are hung up on the price as I was at first, take into consideration that you are getting a lot of pleasure from the simplicity of it’s all-in-one features. Also, I now spend less money on coffee outside because I can get professionally made coffee at home with minimal effort.

nespresso vertuo espresso coffee machine

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