Quick Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress: 9 Strategies for a Merry Christmas

Quick Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress: 9 Strategies for a Merry Christmas

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The Christmas season can be a very stressful time for parents and children alike. With all the Christmas shopping, Christmas parties, Christmas events, and Christmas gifts to buy, it’s hard to know where to start! It is also difficult for parents with young children who are trying to keep them happy while simultaneously getting extra holiday tasks done like wrapping presents.

In this blog post we will go over 9 Christmas stress tips for moms. I will list strategies that you can use during the holidays to reduce stress levels in your household from too much chaos or too many expectations.

Quick Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress: 9 Strategies for a Merry Christmas

9 Christmas Stress Tips For Moms

Use the below tips to help manage Christmas stress in your household and to ensure that you and everyone else have a merry Christmas!

  1. Get A Fake Christmas Tree.
  2. Buy Presents All From The Same Store
  3. Check With Friends What Fun Activities They Are Doing With Their Children Instead Of Searching For Yourself.
  4. Have Minimal Decorations (If Decorating Stresses Your Out)
  5. Make Christmas Dinner A Potluck
  6. Bring Down Your Ambitions
  7. Forget The Christmas Cards
  8. Cancel The Photographer
  9. Focus On Your Self-Care


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    1) Get A Fake Christmas Tree

    I know, I know, the smell of that real Christmas tree can really set the tone for a Merry Christmas, but let’s think of all the con’s to having a big tree in your home.

    The carrying of the christmas tree from the store home, the constant needles falling on the floor that needs to constantly be swept. The endless chord of lights to untangle (and there is always a bulb that has gone out).

    We have a fake tree in our home and it saves so much hassle! It comes in 3 pieces. that we stack together and then just put away at the end of the season. The lights are already on it too, all we have to do is hang a few decorations!

    2) Buy Presents All From The Same Store

    Make time to sit down and jot down who you are buying presents for this year. It doesn’t have to be a gift for everyone. Don’t pressure yourself to outgive past your sanity.

    You don’t have to be super ambitious with gifts either. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. Unless you have some very specific gifts in mind, go to a store that has a variety of things and buy everyone’s gift from the same store.

    One year I got a magazine from the container store in the mail. They had so many fun and variety-filled ideas, I was able to find a personalized present for almost everyone I was seeing for Christmas eve. (As a Swede, our family opens gifts on the evening of the 24th).

    3) Check With Friends What Fun Activities They Are Doing With Their Children Instead Of Searching For Yourself

    Sitting down to find out what fun child oriented activities are going on in our neighorbood is just another thing to add onto my Mental Load of Motherhood.

    To save yourself time and energy, find out what your mom friends and family are doing. Maybe even plan to go along with them. I know my toddler always has more fun when we do things with friends.

    Don’t overdo it. Remember that changing your toddler’s routine too dramatically (to fit in a lot of Holiday-themed activities) can actually result in dysregulation and more tantrums. Doing less will have your toddler and your mom’s sanity better in check!

    4) Have Minimal Decorations (If Decorating Stresses You Out)

    Instagram can get our head in a spin, seeing all those picture-perfect homes with their Christmas decorations. Some people get really into decorating over the Holidays, but that person doesn’t have to be you.

    Your child will still be in the Christmas spirit even without every inch of your home yelling having a jolly time.

    We have our Christmas tree, an advent chocolate calendar, a Swedish advent candelabra, and a gingerbread house we made together. That’s it, and I am ok with that.

    5) Make Christmas Dinner A Potluck

    Are you hosting Christmas dinner for extended family, or is it just you, your partner, and kids?

    If it’s extended family, don’t put the weight of cooking on your shoulders, even if others family members might brag about how they did it all themselves.

    Make dinner a potluck and everyone brings something to the table. Potlucks are also fun because it brings variety and fun conversations when together. Everyone feels invested on another level when contributing to the eating experience.

    6) Bring Down Your Ambitions

    Are you being too ambitious about your kids having the ultimate Christmas experience? It is easy to romanticize the season, from Romcom movies to that beautiful lighting around the city. But you won’t enjoy if it all that is going through your mind that it needs to be BETTER.

    Forget expectations and enjoy the moment with your family. Doing just ONE thing this Christmas season is more meaningful than nothing at all.

    Christmas is about spending time with loved ones. It’s not just for kids, it’s a family holiday! You deserve to have fun too.

    Bring down the expectations and enjoy the unfiltered reality of toddler life, because your kids will enjoy the holidays more if mama is not stressed.

    7) Forget The Christmas Cards

    I don’t send Christmas cards. I have nothing against them but it’s just not worth my energy. Anyone worth keeping in touch we already see regularly or via video chat throughout the year. They know we love them. A card won’t change anything.

    Cards are fun, for sure, but if making them is stressing you this season let them go. If there are too many other tasks to accomplish forget the cards and call or email instead.

    8) Cancel The Photographer

    Many families take professional photo’s during this time of the year because they will be used for Christmas cards. They are also great opportunities to frame and put on the wall at home.

    If the costs and organization of having professionally taken photos of your family is keeping you up at night let me tell you this: it’s not worth it.

    Lining up a photoshoot with your childen’s tenuous temperament is like playing darts blindfolded. Get a friend to take a nice photo of your family with their iPhone.

    For best results, go outside with a lot of natural light, make sure the sun is behind the person taking the photo, and use the Portrait mode on your iPhone camera!

    9) Focus On Your Self-Care

    Taking care of yourself is just as important in the Christmas season. A lot of things might be going on, and it’s easier to let everybody else take precedence over you.

    But remember that if you don’t make time for your self-care needs, there won’t be any energy left for anyone else!

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    Take Christmas one day at a time. It’s not always easy, but it is possible to even with busy schedules and unexpected family drama.

    So don’t be afraid of Christmas stress this year! Give yourself some grace and remember that you can do this even if life isn’t perfect right now.

    Making Christmas Less Stressful Is Possible! 

    The holidays are a time of celebration, but they can also be stressful for moms. There is so much to do and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with too many things on your plate.

    If you want more peace this year at Christmas, try some of the tips we’ve provided above. You will reduce stress by focusing on what really matters most- family!

    This includes everything from having minimal decorations (if that’s something that stresses you out) to making sure dinner isn’t too ambitious or expensive.

    Don’t forget about taking care of yourself all throughout the season–for example, using our daily check-in tracker app which provides prompts like “What did I enjoy today?” or “What am I grateful for?”.

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