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A list of products I recommend in my blog posts.



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Breast pumps

Ameda Finesse Breast pump (Read my Review Here…)

Breastfeeding Covers

I personally used the first cover. It was great because of its multi functionality. We used It a ton on the stroller to limit light in when our little one was tiered or if it was very windy. Great on the car seat too.

Feeding Pillow

Breastfeeding Necklace

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Find listed personal favorites of mine. These are all products we used at home (and still use with our toddler).


Nursing Tank Tops

Nursing Bra

Breastfeeding Pajamas

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Breastfeeding Dress

These are the three dresses I purchased for a wedding when our Luca was 4 months old. I actually bought a handful of dresses for breastfeeding but returned many of them. These three are the ones I landed with and I still use them.

Favorite Breastfeeding Books


Online courses to help with everything breastfeeding and pumping.


Mama Products


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I am listing a flower delivery company here because I love receiving flowers. My family is spread a part geographically and this is our go to way of sending love. Flowers lets the other person know you are there in heart when not in person.

Forever Beloved Red Roses Vase

Forever Beloved Red Roses Vase

Send a message deep from your heart with this stunning display of beautiful roses designed with seeded eucalyptus or similar accents in an elegant clear glass vase. This outstanding expression includes approximately thirty premium roses to value. An exceptional tribute of unending love, admiration, and deepest respect. Florist delivery in the USA and Canada.

Gift Baskets

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Children Products

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Reccommended Toys for children 1-2 year olds


Get 2 Months of for $5!

Crate Joy

self care gifts

Crate Joy is a platform for small businesses to promote their subscription boxes. All boxes are offered as a stand alone purchase as well. This makes it also a great gift option.

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