9 Self Care Tips From Moms (Who Blog)

self care tips from moms who blog

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Self care tips from moms are the best kind, because they know exactly what you are going through. They have been in your shoes, so the advice is relevant relatable and super specific to the struggles of motherhood. 

I recently read a quote from a mom blog that said “if we fail to give ourselves alone time, it’s not a matter of if we burn out, it’s a matter of when”. This really resonated with me who struggles with taking time for myself even when I know I really need it. (you too?) 

9 Mom Bloggers Share Their Top Self Care Tips!

I can’t think of a better way to share awesome self care tips from the woman who write about this very subject already. Let me present 8 awesome mom bloggers who know exactly what you are going through and are ready to give you some relief. Self care is hard, it takes a lot of self-love and it’s absolutely important for our well being. 

Grab a cup of tea, put your favorite fuzzy socks on and lean back on the couch. You will definitely want to soak this all in!

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1. Kate Tekurio – Kateable

Kate is a mother and graduate students, studying to become a virtual therapist. Her blog Kateable is inspired by her passion for mental health as she writes for mamas and wives seeking to find their true identity and potential. You can also find ideas on Natural Remedy Hacks for better living using Oils and Herbs at home.

Kate’s favorite self care tip: 

posted in The Best Self Care Checklist for New Moms

Meditation is my favorite practice for self care! Whether it be 5 minutes or a solid 30 minutes, anything and everything helps. I love to ground myself, state my positive affirmations and deep breathe. When I do this daily, I can handle anything!”

To receive mom tips with a healthy dose of mental health info from Kate, sign up for her newsletter on Kateable’s home page. 

2. Marie Healy – One Blessed Mama

Marie blogs about Motherhood and Spirituality. One Blessed Mama is a lifestyle blog that chronicles the days of a mom raising Irish twin girls in the Catholic faith. Her blog ditches the stock photography in place for personal and relevant shots of a family who is trying to figure it out, just like the rest of us! 

Marie’s favorite self care tip:

posted in 5 Self Care Hacks You Need to Know as a New Mom

My favorite self care hack for moms is moving your body. This is so important and often overlooked or not prioritized. I love going on family walks! Doing this energizes me, tones my abdominal muscles, can help me sleep better, and is a great stress reliever! I’m also looking forward to doing mommy and me swim lessons hopefully in the near future. Make moving your body part of your daily routine! Your body and mind will thank you! Good physical and mental health is a win for you mama!”

To follow Marie’s journey, sign up for her newsletter on One Blessed Mama’s home page. 

3. Morgan Consier – Little Home on the Iowa Prairie

Morgan blogs about living a meaningful life on a budget. She seeks to help other families realize that they can accomplish healthy habits without breaking the bank. In Morgan’s lifestyle blog, she shares great hacks on topics such as frugal living, liturgical living and Homemaking. 

Morgan’s favorite self care tip: 

posted in 10 Ways to Stay Healthy as A Stay at Home Mom

“My top self care tip is to Eat actual meals/Make nutritious meals. It’s amazing how much of an affect what we put into our bodies has on how we feel. When we put good food into our bodies, we don’t feel as tired or sluggish, even if the baby didn’t sleep well last night. When we fuel our bodies like they need, it’s much easier to keep up with everything life throws at us without feeling so overwhelmed.”

4. Shelby Valencia – Twinning A to Z 

Twinning A to Z is a new and experienced parent’s ultimate guide to raising double, or more! Shelby writes about things commonly faced by parents of multiples, but easily relates to the singleton parent as well. As a mother of twin toddlers, she understands the struggles and nuances of twin and multiples parenting.

Shelby is super relateable, funny and loves sharing the wisdom she’s picked up from the daily challenges of motherhood and parenting twins.

Shelby’s favorite self care tip:

posted in 5 Minute Self Care Ideas for Twin Parents

“I wish I could choose my favorite self-care activity, but what is most important for me is to emphasize is that no matter how little time you have (the 5 minutes at nap time when you’re not pumping, cleaning, sleeping, and doing all the busy motherhood things), that you do SOMETHING to care for yourself. My post revolves around the quick tasks a parent can do when they feel they have no time for self-care. It is possible, and it can be made easy!”

You can sign up for Shelby’s Newsletter and get the Ultimate Registry Checklist for Your First Year with Twins. 

5. Kim Morris – Recounts of Kim

Kim has a lifestyle blog geared towards motherhood. Like many of us, it can be really difficult to balance our own identity with that of the 24/7 mom. Kim’s mission is to find her voice amidst that struggle while sharing helpful tips and hacks along the way. At Recounts of Kim you will find an honest view of what it’s like being a woman and a mom.

Kim’s favorite self care tip:

posted in Self-Care and Why It’s so Much More Important Once You Are a Parent

My favorite self care tip is having a creative outlet for yourself– I find that when I blog, I can completely immerse myself into my passion and let all the concerns, questions, frustrations or successes out on to the virtual page. Resulting in my mind clearing and the days burdens being lifted. Of course this is accompanied by a hot tea or coffee to accompany (although when I’m not pregnant, I might upgrade to wine).”

To follow Kim’s journey, sign up for her newsletter on the Recount of Kim’s home page.

6. Michelle Da Silva – Growing with Spawn 

Michelle’s write about motherhood but through the lens of someone who grew up traveling the world. The culture clash brings a unique view on life, parenting and relationships, which is the focus of Growing with Spawn.

On Michelle’s blog she writes: “Life is a cookie, it’s no fun if you don’t eat it”. I think many of us can identify with that sentiment, the quote really encapsulates Michelle’s positive energy and youthful-like curiosity for life. 

Michelle’s favorite self care tip:

posted in Beauty Hacks for the Lazy Girl

My favorite tip from the post is to sleep. A lot of times things seem more irritating or frustrating when we aren’t well-rested, and as moms, we need all the shut-eye time we can get!”

To follow Michelle’s life, sign up for her newsletter on the Growing with Spawn’s home page.

7. Cathey Luethke – Cat’s Chit Chat

Cathey’s blog focuses on raising boys. She has 4 total ranging from 7 to 26!

A twist to her story is that two of her boys has Aspergers and she opens up about the added challenges that entails. At Cat’s Chit Chat (awesome name btw), you will find boy mom tips. Topics include bullying, picky eating habits, and other “normal” parenting struggles as well as ways for moms to stay sane in midst of it all! 

Cathey’s favorite self care tip:

posted in Manicure Time! Simple and Pretty Nail Decals on Short Nails

“My favorite self-care activity is being able to find the time to do my nails!  It is about the only “girly” thing I do being a mom of 4 boys.  And of course being always on the go I don’t find as much time to do it as I’d like.  I love having pretty smooth painted nails, or nails with nail art that I have had the time to do myself, it makes me feel powerful!  A busy mom with awesome nails, to me says I CAN DO IT ALL….even when I don’t feel like I can.  :)”

8. Stephane Surjan – Mama Questions

Hey, this is me! Here at Mama Questions, I blog about Motherhood and Gentle Parenting. Motherhood has been emotionally challenging for me as I try to balance work/life. I have a desire to be actively engaged in my child’s everyday activities but also need (and love) to work. I seek to help other moms with finding some life balance through parenting tips, self care hacks and recommended products.

Stephanie’s favorite self care tip:

posted in 7 FREE Self Care Ideas for a Bad Day

My favorite self care tip for moms is to get everyone out of the house (except yourself). Sure, often me-time is synonymous for locking myself in the bedroom while the house remains busy and loud, but there is something truly peaceful for a mom to have the house to herself a few hours. Even better? make it a weekly thing: have the kids and partner do a special Sunday outing that does NOT include you.”

To follow me, you can sign up for my newsletter on our homepage (and receive a free printable: 40 positive things to say to your child) 

9. Sarah Molenda – Mama, Take Care

Sarah is a former teacher turned blogger who has a passion for self-care and wellness. As a mother, she understands how truly challenging it can be for woman to prioritize themselves and their well-being. Sarah’s blog Mama, Take Care helps mothers just like you get a hold on their stress level, anxiety and help give you the permission to take a break. (um, yes I signed up for her newsletter.)

Sarah’s favorite self care tip:

posted in 10 Ways to Fit Self-Care Into Your Daily Routine

One of my favorite self-care tips is to write it down. So often we have a thought or a goal we want to achieve. Yet, if we don’t plan for it, it doesn’t happen. If you really want to start taking better care of yourself, a solid plan is essential. So decide what self-care ideas you are going to try this week and create written a plan. Don’t forget to keep it up. We are all worthy and deserving of self-love and self-care every day.”

Sarah has an awesome printable shop with affirmations, self care check lists and habit trackers. 

A Little Every Day Can Move Mountains.

Remember that the self care that moves mountains is not in grand gestures but instead is built via the smaller actions we take on a daily basis. It can be sleeping in 20 minutes later one morning, Taking the stairs instead of the elevator or calling a good friend. 

The self care tips from the moms in this post all highlight that a little every day is much more powerful. Sign up for a few newsletters (or two) to get continued content from the mom bloggers who’s topics you resonate with.

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2 thoughts on “9 Self Care Tips From Moms (Who Blog)”

  1. Hi there! Great to see how All of the wonderful moms above have their own way of finding that so important time for one self, which mainly has to with, like most things in life, the expectations one think others have on you as a mom, and ones struggle to keep up with that inner Voice living up to those expectations, all beeing a mix of how your mother is/was, how your partner behave when one is claiming ones own needs, what’s in the media and what kind of images other mothers in your surrounding gives out. But with your Childs/childrens need as prio 1, its easier to do what also is the Best for yourself, calm down, dont try to much, be in the moment and not to vicimize yourself, thus the kids dont have to have a childhood with a mom never relaxing, always running around doing this doing that getting irritated when the spouse and the kids just want to live the dishes and hang out infront of the telly, much better to then when the kids has fallen asleep or in the Morning let the kids help out to make everything shiny again:-) Thats what I wish I had been better at as a mom. Mormor

    1. hi mormor. thank you for your comment. I think self care is being acknowledged more openly among woman now which is a great thing! We all have regret in hindsight. You did your best and showed your children they were loved. that is all that matters in the big picture of things.

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