Supplies Needed for Breastfeeding – Don’t Overcomplicate It


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Supplies Matter when Breastfeeding 

Did you know there are supplies you can buy (on Amazon woohoo) to make breastfeeding easier, more comfy and just all around fun?

Yes I know. Breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world, shouldn’t we just be able to sit on a rock and breastfeed our baby like the “good old times”?

Parenting is already difficult in today’s world, let’s try to give ourselves some slack and just enjoy the comforts that are made available to us (in the form of online shopping). 

The Right Tools are Important

Just like any other activity, if you try it out with the wrong tools it just won’t feel like it’s right for you. 

For example, we wouldn’t run a 5k in flip-flops or try to boil water for pasta in a frying pan.

It just makes sense that if you are using the wrong tools for breastfeeding it can limit your success. That can mislead a mom to think that breastfeeding is just not for them.

Top 10 Supplies for Breastfeeding Babies & Toddlers 

Bluetooth Headphones

Now you might think this is a joke but hear me out- 

Bluetooth headphones have been a lifesaver for me. I recommend this to ALL my friends as a must have in their list of breastfeeding supplies.

As a mama to a newborn, our baby was pretty still but as he grew so did the acrobatics. Having headphones that physically connected to my phone while looking at TV was not possible anymore. 

We’d get all tangled up. 

These Bose headphones sit well around the ears, have that great Bose quality sound and connect easily to multiple devices which you can manage via an app. 

They are compact and come in a nice fabric case (which I never use). I just hide them under my back pillow and dig around with my hand when needed. 

One last feature I like about these headphones is that every time they’re turned on a voice tells you the percentage of battery left. 

That way you won’t have any unwanted surprises in the middle of a that making a murder marathon you’re binging during nap time. 

Long Charger

Another tech oriented product that you will never get tired of. 

Breastfeeding my toddler in bed is the perfect time for phone charging (although I am using it at the same time). This is such an important item in you supply list while breastfeeding because its just the worst when your phone dies. (then you REALLY need one of these)

When the charger is just that traditional 3 foot length there is no way relaxing in bed with your little one will be possible. The phone will have to be positioned in a specific spot to reach the charger and that can affect your posture and tense up unnecessarily.

I’ve thrown away plenty long chargers since Luca was born because the connection to the head tears. I finally found the nylon braided cables which are much stronger and an indication that I was not the only one having this problem.

Book Light

I’m the person who loves the idea of reading books but I just can’t get myself to do so consistently. My hectic toddler mama life is a perfect excuse but the reality is I was like this before too. 

When I do get into that reading mode (and these are the books I’ve recently read), I like to have a portable book lamp. This way you can keep it dark in the room and still see those pages while the snoozes seem to be happening. 

I used this book lamp a ton while Luca was a newborn because he slept so much. It was a great use of my time and if you have a Boy I really recommend reading this book here.

Nursing Tank Top

I’ve worn this tank top every single day for the past 2 years. I kid you not. I don’t actually wear the exact same top, I have 10x of these in different colors to fit my mood for the day. (Does anyone else wear black when tired?)

My mom bought me the first top and it was a TOTAL GAME CHANGER! (because you don’t have to worry about excess fabric always going over your child’s face)

The best part is that it can also act as an undershirt so you are not required to have the same look every day. 

It latches at the top by your shoulders and has some support where you can comfortably wear the tank top without a bra as well. (the support is minimal, so I still wear a bra as well).

This nursing tank top is a staple in my wardrobe and will with no doubt continue to be used and repurchased until my breastfeeding days are over. When considering anything from this list of supplies I would urge you to try one of these on!

Nursing Bra

I have repurchased this exact same bra several times because of the breastfeeding fluctuation of breast size. 

This bra is cheap mamas! It will definitely not break the bank while shopping for those breastfeeding supplies.

When I first saw the price I thought to myself that it must be low quality but to my surprise is it as good as a $100 bra. 

Another great sell for this bra is that it comes in A LOT of different sizes so with no doubt you’ll find the right fit for you. 

I actually ended up buying this bra 3 different times and returning them due to the wrong cup size. Luckily the company did not give me a hard time and I was able to resend it as per usual at my nearest Amazon Locker.

Breastfeeding Sweater

Sweater weather is the best! I love that snugly feeling of a warm sweater during those colder winter months. (I am in Chicago and it gets sooo cold here!!!)

This is the perfect “Let’s Stay Home and Snuggle with a Hot Cocoa” sweater, and it comes in SO many colors and patterns! 

The opening for nursing is so well-designed into the seam of the sweater that you don’t even notice it at first glance. 

OK! Let’s add this to our supplies for breastfeeding while we get out our favorite cup for that hot cocoa (whipped cream. Yay or Ney?)

Phone Finger Holder 

Have you dropped your phone of your nursing before? I sure have, but ever since I stocked up on this Phone finger holder, my phone is tightly set against my hand with minimal effort. This is needed when my other arm is weirdly wrapped around my nursling or I have to stop him from TWIDDLING (ugh!)

I currently have a phone cover with this pop socket attached, but I’ve purchased the singular version before and it works just as good.

When the finger holder is popped out it moonlights as a horizontal stand for your phone which I personally don’t use much but in a pinch its helped distract my toddler with videos or photo’s when placed on the table.

Stress Ball 

Nurslings of all ages can be very restless when breastfeeding, especially during developmental leaps. Giving them an activity to focus on can be both soothing for mother and child. This stress ball is awesome because of how busy it looks. 

We have not tried this ball personally yet, but I sure wish I had this when Luca was around 4-6 months. During that time Luca had such a hard time staying still! This ball can get 

Half Moon Bolster Pillow

This pillow is in bed with me, and I have actually featured this item on other blog posts within Mama Questions. The reason being is that it is absolutely FANTASTIC.

It’s light, its memory foam, its everything a nursing mama could ever ask for. The back pain can get the best of us sometimes. When considering try maintaining a side position while breastfeeding (especially at night when you want to relax those muscles) it is very important to have support in that lower region.

I used to nurse for a long time using my pregnancy pillow, it helped support my arm while holding the baby but also my back. Luca outgrew that pillow after a few months so we leveled up to this back pillow.

(Did I mention I love it?)

No one wants to be uncomfortable 

So you are getting ready to breastfeed, or maybe you are already in the thick of it. You’ve realized maybe a few extra 21st century breastfeeding supplies might make your life easier (you are right). 

The above list are my absolute favorite items. From the time I am writing this post (Sep 2020) I have been breastfeeding my toddler for 2.5 years and use all of this on a regular basis.

In Fact my Bose Headphones are hidden under my half moon pillow. Tonight I am wearing my white nursing tank top and my phone is popped in a horizontal position with its finger holder.

I hope you enjoyed this list. Leave a comment below if you have any questions or thoughts. 

Also, consider sharing what your favorite breastfeeding supplies have been?


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