What Is Breast Milk Good For? 17 Surprising Ideas


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Breastmilk Truly Is Liquid Gold

I am astonished over how amazingly complex and multi functional breast milk is. We know the amazing benefits for mother and baby, but have you ever wondered what breast milk is good for beyond that?

I am currently breastfeeding my almost 3 year old and the experience has been like no other. However, since starting this blog, I have realized there is so much I could have used my breast milk for that I never took advantage of. I actually gave my Ameda Finesse breast pump to my cousin last year, but since she doesn’t breast feed anymore I might take it back. I truly want to try out a few of the items from the list below. (Stay Tuned).

Did you know the medical industry is incorporating breast milk into their cancer treatments? Also the beauty industry is already using this amazing liquid on customers willing to pay the high price (hello Hollywood). Some chefs are experimenting with breast milk cheese (although it has not gotten traction yet).

If you have landed on this page though, there’s a high likelihood you are currently breastfeeding. This means you have access to what people call liquid gold FOR FREE! So sit down, put your feed up and enjoy this list of 17 things you can use breast milk for besides feeding your baby. 

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    1. Breast Milk Can Help With Ear Infections

    Babies and younger children are more likely to experience ear infections because their eustachian tubes are shorter. Breast milk has antibodies that help fight off infections making breastfed babies’ less likely to experience them.

    Some mothers have also reported that adding a drop of breast milk into a babies’ ear every few hours can help fight off the infection. According to La Leche League though this depends on where in the ear the infection is located. Make sure to use freshly expressed breastmilk as it’s the perfect temperature to soothe baby’s ear.

    2. Does Your Baby Have Blocked Tear Ducts? Breast Milk Might Help

    Dealing with clogged ducts is common among new parents. It is said that 5%-10% of newborns will experience clogged tear ducts but resolves itself within the first year of life without long-standing concerns.

    La Leche League reports that using breast milk against eyes is safe. In the case of a clogged duct, apply breastmilk on a cotton ball and gently clean the eyes with it which can act as a soothing factor for baby.

    Blocked tear ducts are most often not dangerous and do clear up on their own without treatment. If they get infected, you can apply breast milk to your baby’s infected eye in the form of eye drops. This is a great option for a new born who’s immune system is still very sensitive and could react negatively to artificial products.

    ==> Struggling with low supply? This 5 Step Guide to Increasing Your Milk Supply Can Help<==


    3. Get Rid Of Baby Acne With Breast Milk

    Breast milk facials is actually a thing! You can get these at some salons for a hefty price tag. However, if you are breast feeding a newborn, you get that liquid gold for FREE. Express or pump milk and apply it to babies’ skin to help moisturize it. This will improve your baby’s skin and get rid of that acne (or your own!). 

    4. Eczema Is Another Skin Condition That Breast Milk Can Help Relieve

    It can be really tough caring for a child with eczema because knowing exactly what is causing the inflammation can be unclear. Eczema is hereditary and symptoms include rash, itchiness, scaling, bumps etc. Eczema affects approximately 15% of children and is a life long condition although it’s known to become more mild with age. 

    The anti-inflammatory properties of breast milk is known to greatly reduce eczema outbreaks. Gently apply on baby’s skin and let it dry overnight.

    5. Rashes Are So Painful. Breast Milk To The Rescue!

    Just like with acne and eczema, rashes are another skin ailment that breast milk can help improve. Apply it directly to the rash to lessen its soreness and help skin heal. Most common rash for young children are diaper rashes. Breast milk as topiary treatment is preferable during the early days of life as babies’ are sensitive and breast milk is something that won’t bother them. 


    6. Yummy Breast Milk Popsicles! ..And A Pain Reliever Too..

    When Luca was in the height of teething around 4-5 months old I invested in a baby popsicle mold to freeze breast milk in. I think he was a bit young for it at the time, but giving babies’ breast milk popsicles can help teething babies’ in more than one way. The cold from the Popsicle itself relieves sore gums and breast milk is an analgesic which means that it acts as a pain reliever.

    You can also mix fruit for added flavor but if they are under a year old consider pureeing the fruit first. Mix it together with the milk before adding it to the mold. Freeze overnight.

    7. Sore Throat? Breast Milk’s Natural Ingredients Can Help Fight Off Baby’s Cold

    Breast milk is filled with antibodies that amazingly adapt for the breastfeeding baby. When baby latches on the breast it reads what illness the baby has and creates antibodies for them. Having your baby breastfeed on demand through sickness is really important in order to help them fight of sickness. Also, drinking it helps relieve soreness in the throat just like it relieves other soreness on skin. 

    ==> If you are feeling sick and are wondering what is safe to take while breastfeeding read here<==


    8. Apply Breast Milk On Mama’s Sore Nipples

    The first week of breastfeeding can produce some pretty sore nipples, even for the most experiences of mamas. That is because every baby is different and every breastfeeding relationship is different as well. Learning how to breastfeed with your new family addition can take time. 

    If you think your baby is not latching correctly though, reach out to a lactation consultant.

    There are many products you can buy to soothe sore nipples, but why not keep that money in the bank and instead use that liquid gold you have for free? Apply breast milk on a cotton ball and smear on nipples as needed to relieve soreness and prevent infection. 

      Get Started Breastfeeding Today!

      Save your time and sanity, by letting a seasoned breastfeeding mom share exactly what is needed to succeed.

      I want to help other moms just starting their breastfeeding journey by providing this personal breastfeeding toolkit.

      Download includes:

      • 19 Positive Breastfeeding Quotes to keep you going
      • 9 Breastfeeding Products that I recommend to all moms
      • 3 cute signs for privacy

      9. Breastfeeding Reduces Risk of Breast /Ovarian Cancer and Diabetes

      Most people know at this point that the act of breastfeeding can prevent breast and ovarian cancer in moms, but did you know it also builds resistance against diabetes? Breastfeeding increases insulin sensitivity and improves glucose metabolism in the mother making it a great preventative for woman who had gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Based on research funded by NICHD mothers with gestational diabetes were half as likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who did not. The best part is that it only takes 3 months of breastfeeding to reap the benefits! 


      10. Ouch! Bug Bites.. Put Some Breast Milk On It

      Breast milk is filled with antiviral and antibacterial properties that help soothe many types of skin ailments, including bug bites! If you or your baby get some bad stings during your summer vacation, bathe that area of your body in breast milk and see the irritation go down by the next day! 

      11. Colostrum Acts As An Anti-Aging Agent.. Just Ask Hollywood.

      Colostrum known as the first milk is actually not milk. It’s a substance that mammals produce before the milk sets in to boost their infants immune system. In fact colostrum is known to have 100 times the amount of antibodies of breast milk. Actually, bovine colostrum is known to be included in a number of supplements and skin care products. 
      In the world of entertainment, colostrum is the must have anti aging product that the experts swear by. 

      Colostrum has regenerative growth hormones that aid in skin elasticity, skin tissue repair and will make your face look healthy and young-er. 

      12. Make Breast Milk Soap To Soften Skin

      Making your own soap is a fun DIY project so why not use breastmilk in it? Its potent properties which include Lauric acid helps moisturize skin, control oil, reduce redness and acne. 

      You can also find ready-made breast milk soap on Etsy!

      From: Made Right By Mama on Etsy

      From: The Breast Made on Etsy

      13. Breast Milk Jewelry to Commemorate Your Achievement

      Breastfeeding is a huge feat for mothers. When you are at the end of your breastfeeding journey, it can be nice to commemorate it with a piece of jewelry that incorporates some of that liquid gold. You might feel like “anyone” can do it, but that is not true and you truly accomplished something BIG!

      There are many companies that offer customized breast milk jewelry, here are a few you can check out:

      Jewelry Memory on Etsy

      From: Jewelry Memory on Etsy

      Wolfstueck on Etsy breast milk jewelry

      From: Wolfstueck on Etsy

      14. Time To Get Rid Of That Cradle Cap

      Our son developed cradle cap as a one year old and I was lazy about getting a handle on it. Little did I know, if you let it sit, it can actually block baby’s hair from growing in those areas. A helpful lady that cut my son’s hair recently informed me of this and I knew it was time to be proactive.

      At the time I did not know that breast milk was helpful to get rid of cradle cap, so we actually used a prescription shampoo. Had I known earlier, I would have smeared breast milk all over that little boy’s head and let it sit at night.

      Cradle cap is often seen in babies’ and can be a result of a fungal infection or overactive sebaceous glands. Just like the above mentioned skin conditions, the moisturizing and anti-inflammatory quality can help that baby’s cradle cap resolve quicker. Just rub it on their scalp and let is stay in as long possible. That could be all day or possibly at least overnight if it makes your babies’ hair look too greasy. 

      15. Relax In a Milk Bath Like Cleopatra

      Did you know Cleopatra was known for bathing in baths of milk? That is because its high fat content and protein are great agents for skin health.

      If you are wondering how in the world you will have enough breast milk to fill up the bathtub, rest assured! Breast milk baths are meant to be a mixture of breast milk and water. Obviously the more breast milk concentration the better, so consider a small plastic tub bath for baby to sit in

      Breast milk can help baby’s skin stay moisturized while also healing rashes, acne or eczema which are all very uncomfortable conditions for our little ones. 

      16. A Natural Make Up Remover 

      Nowadays we are much more aware of what is inside of our beauty products. Breast milk is 100% natural and can be used to clean your face as well as remove makeup. Due to it antibacterial properties, as well as it’s fat and protein content, breast milk will get rid of that make up as well as hydrate your skin.

      Wet a small towel or cotton ball with it and start gently rubbing it on your face. When you are done, rinse it with water. Alternatively you can use the breast milk as a face mask and let it dry on your face for a couple of hours, or even better overnight.


      17. Apply Breast Milk On Small Cuts Instead Of Hydrogen Peroxide 

      Breast milk has antiseptic properties which deters bacterial growth. It also has the antibody IgA which prevents germs from forming around the opening of your injury. On top of that, breast milk acts as a natural pain reliever which will help with that nasty booboo.

      Apply breast milk with a cotton ball and let it fully dry on your skin. You can use this instead of hydrogen peroxide for small cuts and scrapes. For larger injuries it is important to get medical attention. 

      Are You Using Your Breast Milk In Other Ways?

      I can’t get over how many things you can use breat milk for. I hope for those of you reading this, that you have breast milk stored up in the freezer or is still pumping. In the early days of parenthood, when the milk was flowing freely, I was too overwhelmed with trying to “do things right”. I did have the head space to think ahead enough to ask myself what breast milk is good for beyond feeding. I was definitely not trying breast milk baths and applying it on diaper rashes and pinkeye.

      If I have a second child though, I can see myself in a better mental place to be more adventorous with my liquid gold. I would love to hear from readers if they are using their breast milk in other ways. 

      If You’ve Tried Out Any Of These Ideas Let Me Know In The Comments Below!

        Get Started Breastfeeding Today!

        Save your time and sanity, by letting a seasoned breastfeeding mom share exactly what is needed to succeed.

        I want to help other moms just starting their breastfeeding journey by providing this personal breastfeeding toolkit.

        Download includes:

        • 19 Positive Breastfeeding Quotes to keep you going
        • 9 Breastfeeding Products that I recommend to all moms
        • 3 cute signs for privacy

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        1. I had heard of some of these but wow that’s amazing. I think for sure there is a stigma for using breast milk for things besides feeding your baby. Hopefully your blog will help to put that straight. Honestly though, I am not sure I’ll be putting breast milk cheese on my sandwich anytime soon.

          1. I know right! I would think twice too At the same time, we put the breast milk of cows on our sandwich, and cows pee and poop too. lol. Its all about what we are used to I guess.

            If I were better about lotions and hair care I would definitely have spent the time using my breast milk for that. 🙂

        2. I read there is quite a large market for selling breastmilk, earning about a dollar per lunch. People that buy the milk are athletes and those obsessed with their looks (appharently the breastmilk makes wonder on your skin).
          Best regards, mormor

          1. YES so too. Breast milk has a lot of anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial qualities that can be enjoyed without drinking it but instead applying to your skin! I will most definitely continue to write in this area its quite fascinating.

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