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Virtual learning is frustrating for everyone involved. Therefore we all need some extra pampering this holiday season. You might have started thinking about what to gift a teacher in the era of virtual learning and you have landed in the right place.

As parents, this might be the last thing our overloaded brains want to think about right now. Reason being, work is already not getting done with children at home, and there just isn’t any space left for additional tasks.


It’s important though, that we don’t forget our teachers this year! They have redesigned a whole year worth of work in order to teach online and they are struggling just as much as the parents who have been placed in an impossible situation.

Let’s be honest, with this roaring virus we probably won’t see our children’s teachers in person anytime soon. Therefore, sending them a gift that ships to their home is convenient but also the new norm.

Send teachers a subscription box from CrateJoy! 

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Crate Joy Subscription Boxes

CrateJoy is a platform similar to Etsy where individuals can launch their own subscription boxes. Consequently, when you buy from CrateJoy, you are also supporting small businesses worldwide.

The website caters to all imaginable interests. Anything you can think of, CrateJoy has the box for you. In fact, it is really hard to narrow down the best boxes because I just WANT THEM ALL!!

The subscription is recurring but without a contract. Therefore you can select a box to send your child’s teachers (or yourself!!) and choose to send one box only. Also, CrateJoy gives the option to declare the subscription box a Gift. 

Below are 6 subscription box ideas that will satisfy a variety of personalities. However, if you don’t find the right one here but like the idea of subscription gift boxes, go check out their website. You won’t be disappointed!

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Simplicity Teas


*Best of CrateJoy 2020 Awards

Best for: Tea Tasters

Cost: $20

Included: 4 full sized teas (30-40+ cups of tea). All teas are organic hand-picked and unique! First box includes a reusable infuser!

Discount Code: NEW10 – 10% OFF first box. 

Pro: First box comes with a tea infuser. If you choose to send a single box, your teacher will have all the tools needed to use the tea.

Con: the option for decaf tea only is not currently available. 

This is a perfect gift for the colder weather because who doesn’t love sipping on hot tea.

The box offers a nicely displayed assortment of teas that are not your usual grocery store flavors. Therefore, even a seasoned tea drinker will be impressed.

The box arrives with a mix of caffeinated and decaffeinated options.

Simplicity Teas allows users to take a quiz in order to received customized boxes, which you might or might not want to do for a gift. However, the increased level of customization makes it my go to box for tea drinking subscriptions.

Last, It was voted among the best boxes of CratetJoy in 2020 and rated #1 tea discovery box. You can’t go wrong there.

Find other tea based subscriptions boxes here.

Succulents Monthly


Best for: the Green Thumb

Cost: $18.95

Included: Featured Succulent + Cool Container + Easy Care Instructions + Succulent Soil and/or other Fun Extras.

Discount Code: BEWELL 

Pro: Easy to care for, fits anywhere.

Con: There is not a ‘pet friendly’ option when choosing a box.

Gardening is known for lowering our blood pressure (among other health benefits), and having plants around us promotes relaxation.

We sure need more positively during these trying times, being indoors so much can take a toll on our morale. However, with a plant to liven our indoor space, maybe it will make it all a bit more manageable.

Succulents are low maintenance, year around plants that even people without a green thumb can enjoy (like me!)

A few other reasons I chose to list this specific plant based box: the pots that come with are adorable and everything fits neatly into a professionally displayed box. Also, the care instruction are printed on presentation board with stylish font that could be displayed in their own right.

Find other plant based subscriptions boxes here.

Sealed with Irish Love


Best for: Travel Enthusiasts

Cost: $48

Included: 3-5 items selected from small business in Ireland. Example of items are Irish home wares, scents, jewelry, stationery and other unique treats 

Discount Code: JOURNEY – 15% OFF first box.

Pro: Nice variety of items.

Con: Might not be a good fit for a male teachers.

The Irish are known to be among the happiest people in the world, so they must be doing something right. Gift some Irish love to a teacher who deserves it (don’t they all!) and they will be so thankful.

Each box has a collection of items from smaller Irish artisans and are shipped directly from Ireland so it doesn’t get more authentic than that.

Example of items that you might receive are: stationary, unique treats, Irish home ware and jewelry. Each item includes detailed information on who made it and the artisan’s process.

Find other artisan and handmade subscriptions boxes here.

Bath Bevy


Best for: Self Care Enthusiasts

Cost: $38.65

Included: 5-8 items per box. Features handmade bath and body items from small indie companies

Discount Code: WELCOME10 – $4 OFF first box.

Pro: Themed to the seasons

Con: For those with nut allergy, some products use almond oil.

Self care is so in right now! (and I love it). 2020 represents the year we all stayed at home, so getting our teachers excited for some extra TLC can be the perfect gift.

I’m the first person to say that I don’t like being gifted soaps, but this box is more than that. It’s a collection of items that will have your bathroom feeling like a spa so I approve it.

With all that stress going around, offer teacher the gift of a pampered bath experience, because it can be the perfect way to say thank you for everything.

Bath Bevy hand-picks a selection of products from small indie bath and body companies (yay to supporting small businesses). Also, none of their products are tested on animals, so there are many positives to going with this gift box option.  

Find other self care subscriptions boxes here

SpearCraft Book Box


* Named one of the Best Book Subscription Boxes in 2019 and 2020 by Oprah Magazine

Best for: Book Lovers

Cost: $29.99

Included: One hardcover book with themed goodies.

Discount Code: HELLO10 – special discount 

Pro: Selected books are always new releases

Con: You don’t know what book will be sent upon purchasing the box.

How can I not suggest a subscription box recommended by Oprah Magazine, because she knows where it’s at!

This box not only comes with a hardcover book each month, but also offers a selection of hand-picked goodies that go with it. 

A few examples of items that come with the books are: candles, chap sticks, simple jewelry, stationary (…and more). The best part is that the products are carefully chosen to fit the theme of the book so the recipient receives the full experience.

Find other book subscriptions boxes here.

Jackie’s Chocolate


Best for: The Indulgent

Cost: $29.95

Included: 15 chocolates per box. Creamy truffles, chewy caramels and artisan chocolates.

Discount Code: FALL – $10 OFF first box.

Pro: Offers the option to add a personal handwritten note on your behalf.

Con: not allergen friendly

Everyone loves chocolate, but often the standard gift boxes can be boring. Therefore, Jackie’s Chocolate provides a fun eclectic variety of chocolates for your child’s teacher without leaving the home.

I love that the chocolates are designed to fit the current season, which adds an element of fun to the box. Also, reviews say they are delicious!

Find other chocolate subscriptions boxes here.

Don’t overthink it


Now you might be pondering whether a subscription box is the right fit for you because it’s something new and unfamiliar. Don’t be suspicious though because subscriptions boxes have gained in popularity in 2020 and are becoming mainstream with a blink of the eye!

As parents, we don’t have the time to spend frivolously surfing the web for the perfect gift, so if you are anything like me, tell yourself this mantra: “it does not have to be perfect. It does not have to be perfect”. 

Choose the box that you think is the closest fit for your child’s teacher, and get the satisfaction of checking off your to do list for the day.

Let’s face it, if we don’t pick something now, we will end up frantically pulling something half so-so together or even worse, we won’t gift our teachers anything at all.

This has been a very stressful time for everyone, and knowing what to gift a teacher can be difficult. Our children’s teachers need to know that we appreciate everything they are doing so lets give them something a little extra this year.

Which box would you choose for your child’s teacher?

Comment below.

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  1. Its the thought that counts! And as you so well put it Stephie, “it does not have to be perfect”. Now when we cant see each other I notice I also think less and less of others, for ex the childrens tachers. So anything a card with a box of candy, a coffe card or anything that shows thankfulness is so important these days.

  2. A subscription box is a great idea since you can personalize it. I think a classic book subscription would be good – themed with a reading light etc.

    One thing, not sure how common it is for a school to release their staffs home address. You might have to ask if it can be sent to the school for starters and then the teacher can change the address herself.


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