When Life After a Baby Is Rough [A Postpartum Guide for New Moms]

When Life After a Baby Is Rough

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We all have this idea for how our life will be after having a baby. Life couldn’t be better since we just got through the pains and troubles that come with pregnancy, right? Well, for many moms, life after a baby is rough, and that is okay. If you are struggling, don’t worry; we all need help sometimes. 

I had no idea what to expect after giving birth to my first. Even after my second, there were still new things that occurred that I did not expect. So, I have made it my goal to help as many moms as possible with their postpartum experience. 

    Postpartum Guide for New Moms

    Here is a postpartum guide, especially for new moms, that I created to help you out. Most doctors help you be aware of the physical struggles that happen after giving birth; however, many don’t share the emotional and mental side of things. This guide is all about postpartum depression and anxiety. 

    Why is Life so Hard After a Baby?


    Our hormones are all over the place after giving birth, and it takes some time for them to balance back out afterward. It is literally a traumatic experience for your body, which we all know takes time and patience to heal from. 

    We also aren’t used to that big of sleep deprivation, or at least most moms aren’t familiar with that. Having a baby is also a huge responsibility. You are now responsible for someone 24/7, which you may never felt before. 

    There are so many new things, and many, unfortunately, are challenging and emotional. With the lack of sleep, the considerable burden of responsibility, and our hormones all over the place, it’s no wonder life after a baby is so difficult! 

    What are the Baby Blues? 

    Baby blues are the most common thing experienced by new moms. Some of the symptoms include: 

    • Mood swings
    • Anxiety
    • Trouble sleeping
    • Overwhelming feelings 
    • Irritability
    • Feeling sad 
    • Problems with your appetite

    We probably all feel these at some point during our recovery, and it is perfectly normal. When the symptoms last longer than a week or two weeks or worsen and become more intense, you probably have moved to postpartum depression. 

    What is Postpartum Depression? 

    Postpartum depression is basically those symptoms mentioned earlier, but a lot more intense and do not go away with time and sleep. In some of the more extreme cases, it can also take away your ability to function normally and to raise your new baby. Some other symptoms can include: 

    • Feeling depressed most of the time 
    • Crying daily 
    • Withdrawing from previous relationships 
    • Removing from your baby, or not bonding as often 
    • Feelings of worthlessness or extreme mom guilt 
    • Thoughts of harming yourself or your baby 
    • Suicidal thoughts 

    The thing with postpartum depression is that it can come at any given time. It does not even have to be right after birth; it can be during pregnancy. Sometimes, this depression can come months or even a year or so after giving birth. 

    What is Postpartum Anxiety? 

    A lot less discussed is postpartum anxiety, even though it is still just as prevalent. Many women have both postpartum depression and anxiety, which makes the challenging times of motherhood almost unbearable. 

    Symptoms may include: 

    • Can’t sit still 
    • Hard time focusing 
    • Constantly worried 
    • Mind that can’t stop racing 
    • Even some physical symptoms including, hot flashes, nausea, and dizziness 

    Postpartum anxiety is very similar to chronic anxiety; however, your anxious thoughts are geared toward your child and you as a mom. You might worry about them with SIDS and suddenly dying, or worrying about everything that could go wrong when you go outside. 

    When to Call the Doctor


    Please reach out to your doctor, either your OBGYN or regular doctor, if you have any of these symptoms. I err on the side of caution. It is better to see the doctor and have baby blues than have something wrong and never get help. 

    If these go left untreated, the symptoms can get worse and last for a long time. You don’t want that. It is also a good idea to see your doctor, even with baby blues, because they are aware and can follow up with you to sort of track your feelings before they get too severe. 

    What You Can Do To Help 

    While seeing your doctor is the best thing you can do for your health, you can also do some things to help ease some symptoms.

    For starters, try to get as much rest as possible. If that means the dishes go undone, and the house is not clean, but you get a nap, then that is okay. Or, it may be that you find someone to watch your little ones while you simply take a nap and relax. 

    It would help if you also found time for self-care. Yes, I know it is so challenging. However, you can do it! Even if it means you blast your favorite song that gets you dancing while doing the dishes. 

    Getting out of the house and time alone from your kids is necessary. While we love our children and never want to be apart, it definitely helps us as moms in so many ways. 

    put makeup on

    You can also get ready during the day. I know it may sound silly, but it really makes a difference. Look good, feel good, has some power to it. So, do your makeup even if you aren’t leaving the house. Wear a fancy shirt or dress if you feel like it. 

    While these might help some, everyone is different. Everyone needs something different. Try to find something that works for you, and keep trying until you find it. But, most importantly, talk to your doctor. Talk to those around you, and receive all the help you can get. Being a mother takes a village, just as raising a child does. 


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